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Richard Sheldon

circa 1525 - circa 1600

Father John Sheldon
Mother unknown
Wife unknown
Children Roger, Richard

All that is known about Richard is taken from J Gardner Bartlett's research (1), but the few sources of his that have been verified appear to be correct.

Richard was born sometime around 1525, possibly in Taddington. He had at least two children, Roger around 1550 and Richard aound 1555. He was living in Taddington in 1591 when his elder brother Roger died childless. Richard claimed that Roger's lands in Monyash and Flagg were to pass to him as per his father's wishes, but his younger half-brother Henry disputed this, claiming the land was already his, and that Richard had conspired with one Jervis Yate to forge a document and falsly lay claim to the land. Court proceddings went on for at least 2 years, but Richard presumably gained possession eventually, as he appears to have sold this land for 40 in 1596.

He is thought to have died soon afterwards, somewhere around 1600. The name of his wife is unknown.

Brief details of his children:


  1. The Sheldons of Bakewell, Derbyshire, England, and Isaac Sheldon of New England by J Gardner Bartlett, in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register contains a genealogy of the Sheldon family and includes this section on Richard Sheldon:

    RICHARD 6 SHELDON (John 5, John 4, Richard 3, Hugh 2, Richard 1), born about 1525, died about 1600. The name of his wife is unknown

    On the death, without issue, of his elder brother, Roger Sheldon in Mar 1590/1, Richard Sheldon became the latter's heir. This circumstance caused litigation between Richard Sheldon and his younger half brother Henry Sheldon, and important genealogical information is derived from the following abstracts of the voluminous documents in the various actions, counteractions, and depositions in this case in the Court of Star Chamber.

    In Trinity Term, 33 Elizabeth [June 1591], Richard Sheldon of Taddington, in Bakewell, co Derby, complainant, sheweth that about 1 and 2 Philip and Mary [1554-55] his father John Sheldon, bought of Richard and Alice Staley certain lands etc in Monyash and Flagg co Derby, the premises being conveyed through one Henry Sheldon, a younger son of the said John, in trust, to the end that the said Henry should assure them to the said John, his father; and in 4 and 5 Philip and Mary [1557-58], the said Henry did assure the said premises by deed to his said father, John Sheldon, who thus became fully possessed thereof. About 14 Elizabeth [1571-72] the said John Sheldon made an enfeoffment of the said premises to his eldest son, Roger Sheldon, and the heirs male of his body, and for lack thereof, reainder to the complainant Richard Sheldon, the next brother of the said Roger, and, for lack thereof, remainder to the right heirs of the said John Sheldon. The said Roger Sheldon, brother of the complainant, died in March last past [1590/1], without issue, whereupon the said premises descended to the complainant, as next heir, with remainder to the said Roger Sheldon, son and heir of the complainant, and with further remainder to one Arthur Sheldon, son and heir of the said Roger Sheldon and grandson of the complainant, according to the enfoeffment aforesaid. But the said Henry Sheldon, younger brother of the complainant, denies the said conveyance by him to his father, John Sheldon; and one Hugh Eley, in confederacy with the said Henry Sheldon, has entered on the premises, claiming a title therein from the said Henry Sheldon. In consideration thereof the complainant prays for a writ of subpoena to be directed to the said Henry Sheldon, Hugh Eley and Alice, his wife, requiring them to answer etc.

    In Hilary term, 35 Elizabeth [Jan 1592/3], Henry Sheldon of Holmewood co Derby, yeoman, brought a countersuit, setting forth that thirty-six years before [i.e. in 1555] he bought by final concord certain lands etc in Monyash and Flagg co Derby, from Richard and Alice Staley, then in the occupation of Hugh Eley, and for this purpose he borrowed 20 marks [13 6s 8d] from his father, John Sheldon, and 10 from his master, Sir George Vernon, Knight, and thereupon he entered the premises, and has since taken the rents and profits therefrom. But recently the complainants elder half brother, Richard Sheldon, and one Jervis Yate of Taddington, clerk, have forged a false deed purporting to be a conveyance of the said premises by the complainant, Henry Sheldon, to his father, John Sheldon. And in Trinity Term, 33 Elizabeth [June 1591] the said Richard Sheldon sued the complainant regarding these premises, and on 5 June 1591 witnesses were examined at Monyash. Among the witnesses, the said Jervis Yate falsley deposed that the said John Sheldon bought the premises about 1555 from Richard Staley and Alice, his wife, and that he had heard that the said John paid 40 marks for the same, and that the said premises were conveyed by fine from the said Staleys to the said Henry Sheldon only in trust, to convey them to his father, John Sheldon, in which deposition the said Jervis committed willful perjury. Further the said Jervis Yate falsly deposed that he had heard the said John Sheldon claim that the premises were conveyed to him by the said Henry Sheldon, but he was not privy to the passing of any deed thereto, but he had heard that Ottywell Allen, John Needham, Richard Newton, and Thomas Sheldon, brother of the said Richard and Henry, all now deceased, were witnesses to such a deed, in which deposition the said Jervis Yate committed willful perjury. Further the said Jervis Yate falsly deposed that about twenty years ago, when he first came to Taddington to live, the said John Sheldon conveyed the premises to his son Roger Sheldon by a deed, at the sealing of which deponent was present, in which deposition the said Yate committed willful perjury. Further the said Yate had forged a false deed purporting to be a conveyance of the premises by the said John Sheldon to Roger Sheldon eldest brother of said Richard Sheldon, and his heirs, with divers remainders; whereas neither the asserted feoffors or feoffee had any rights in the premises. Further the said Jervis Yate falsly deposed that he was present when livery of the premises was made to the said Roger Sheldon by Anthony Blackwell and Hugh Lowe, as attorneys for John Sheldon, and that the said Roger Sheldon thereupon entered the premises and leased them to one Hugh Eley, who gave to the said Roger Sheldon a horse and a sheep in part payment, and that deponent was privy to these matters, as at that time he was "tabled" at the house of the said John Sheldon and was "bedfellow" with the said Roger Sheldon, in which depositions the said Yate committed willful perjuries. All said perjuries were procured by the subornation of the said Richard Sheldon. In consideration thereof the complainant prays for a writ of subpoena to be directed to the said Richard Sheldon and Jervis Yate, etc, requiring them to answer etc. (Court of Star Chamber, Elizabeth, S. 16/4. 29/9, 53/35, 71/18, 75/15.)

    On 6th Oct 1596 a final concord was made between William Trubshaw, querent, and Richard Sheldon, deforciant, concerning a house and 32 acres of land in Monyash and Flagg, the consideration being 40. (Feet of Fines, Derbyshire, Michelmas Term, 38 Elizabeth.)

    i. ROGER, b about 1550.
    ii. RICHARD, b about 1555; probably bur at Bakewell 7 Mar 1621/2.