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John Columbell

circa 1385 - aft 1431

Father Thomas Columbell
Mother Agnes Darley
Wife unknown
Children Henry

John was probably born in Darley (1), in about 1385 (2), the son of Thomas and Agnes (3)(4)(13). He had an elder half brother Thomas (4)(6), and may have had a younger brother Roger (8).

He had at least one son, Henry (3)(4)(13), but the name of his wife is not known. He was granted land in Thorpe in the Clots, Nottinghamshire, by his half brother Thomas in 1413 (6). He appears in a couple more documents from the 1420s (7)(8), and was obviously a trusted associate of Henry of Longstone, as he held land from Henry until such time as Henry's son Robert was old enough to inherit it (9)(10)(11).

In 1431 he was assessed for socage on his lands in Darley, and also a smaller amout for lands in Wardlow (12). This is the last mention I have found of him, so he probably died not too long afterwards.

Brief details of his children:


  1. His parents owned the manor of Darley, but that doesn't mean they actually lived there, as his father also had lands in Sandiacre and Codnor.
  2. This is a very rough estimate. The earliest mention of him which I have so far found dates from 1410, when he was witness to a deed (5), so if he was "of age" at the time he would have to have been born before 1389. A claim is made in the pedigree published in Familae Minorium Gentium (4), then he was mentioned in a document in 16 Ric II (1392/93), but the source is not given, and that is considerably earlier than any other reference to him, so I am discounting this claim for now.
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    Declaration by William de Moniasshe, chaplain, late rector of Bondessale {Bonsal], that a grant from him and Roger de Tybshelf, vicar of Baukewell, to Walter Blount, knt, Robert Foliambe, clerk, and Thomas Foliambe, of Hulme, was made of their own free will for the souls of Godfrey Foliambe and Amine Foliambe, his father and mother. Witn. John Columbel, RIchard Foliambe, and Henry de Mapulton, chaplain and rector of Bondesale. Dat F of All Saints [1 Nov], 12 Hen IV [1410]. (Foljambe)
  6. A Document dated 1413 (ref: Pa D 1-120) in the Archives of Nottingham University has the following catalogue entry:
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  7. A Document dated 1423 (ref: D5236/3/62) in Derbyshire Record Office has the following catalogue entry:
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  9. A Document (ref: D3580/T16) in Derbyshire Record Office has the following catalogue entry:
    Deed between 1) Henry of Longusdon [Longstone] and 2) John Columbel of Staneclyf [Stancliff, parish of Darley Dale], Rauf Lech, William Woderone and Robert Woderone, who were enfeoffed by John Andrew clerk with all the lands which were once the lands of Henry of Longusdon in Longusdon, Mornsall and Wardlowe [Wardlow], witnessing Henry's will that his wife Mold shall have a lawful estate for life in a messuage and land in Mykill Longusdon, and dower in Lityll Longusdon [Little Longstone], Wardlowe and Mornsall on condition that she delivers to William Woderowe the obligation he is bound in, and that the feoffees make a conveyance to Mold of her whole estate including in it a defence to the obligation. Also witnessing Henry's will concerning the estate made to Mold in the form written before the obligation was delivered that the feoffees should convey the remainder of the land of Richard in tail male together with the reversion of Mykill Longusdon and the dower when it falls in; if Richard dies without male issue, remainder to Elyn, Cecyll and Johan, daughters of Henry, their heirs and assigns; estate to be conveyed to Richard on condition that he performs his father's ordinance and will; if he acts against it he is to have no estate in the land. Witnesses: John Shacresley, John Noggs, Robert Clementson, and others. Feast of St Mathew 6 Henry VI [21 Sep 1427]
  10. A Document (ref: D3580/T17) in Derbyshire Record Office has the following catalogue entry:
    Gift by John Andrew chaplain to John Columbell of Stanclyff [Stancliffe], Ralph Lech, William Woderoue and Robert Woderoue of all lands and tenements held by gift and feoffment of Henry Longusdon [Longstone] of Longusdon lying in Longusdon, Wardlow and Mornsall to hold from the chief lord of the fee at accustomed services. Witnesses: John Shacresley, John Noggs, Robert Clementson and others. Given at Longusdon Feast of St Mathew and Apostle 6 Henry VI [21 Sep 1427]
  11. A Document (ref: D3580/T18) in Derbyshire Record Office has the following catalogue entry:
    Cyrograph tripartite demise in tail by Ralph Leche, John Columbell of Stanclyf [Stancliffe] and Robert Woderowe of Wormhill, reciting enfeoffment by Henry of Longesdon [Longstone] of John Andrew, chaplain, with lands and tenements in Little Longesdon, Wardelowe, and Mornesale, his by hereditary descent, with which John later enfeoffed Ralph, John Columbell and Robert. Now Ralph, John Columbell and Robert demise to Richard of Longesdon, son of the said Henry, all the aforesaid lands and tenements to hold to Richard and his male issue at the customary services with remainder to Ellen, Cecily and Joan, daughters of the said Henry, and their male issue, with reversion to the right heirs of Henry. Witnesses: John Schakeresly, John Whyte, Richard Litton and others. Given at Little Longesdon Monday after Pentecost 8 Henry VI [5 Jun 1430].
  12. The Feudal History of the County of Derby, by John Pym Yeatman, Volume 1, page 499, in a transcript of a list of knight's fees etc from the Thursday before the Feast of the Nativity 10 Henry VI [December 1431] includes:
    John Columbell, of Stanclyf, 10s socage in Wardlowe
    John Columbel, of Derley, Esq, 100s socage in Derley
    John Columbel, of Stanclyf, 40s socage in Derley

    This is confirmed in "Inquisitions and assessments ralating to feudal aids 1284-1431", Vol 1, pages 280.
  13. Pedigree of the Columbell family of Darley in the Visitation of Lincolnshire 1592 (as published in "The Genealogist" Volume 6).