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Hugh de Stathum

born circa 1305

Father William de Stathum
Mother unknown
Wife unknown
Children John, Ralph, Thomas ?

(Note that all that is known about Hugh is from the work of SPH Statham (1)(2). I have verified none of his original sources. However the later sources of his that I have verified for Hugh's children and grandchildren have been found to be "usually" correct.)

Very little is kown of Hugh. He was probably born in Stathum, Cheshire, sometime around the early 14th century (3), the son of William(4). His wife's identity is not known. He had sons John (5)(6) and Ralph (5), and possibly Thomas too (7).

His date of death is unknown.

Brief details of his children:


  1. The Derbyshire Archaelogical Journal, Volume 45, contains an article by Rev SPH Stathum entitled "An enquiry into the origin of the Family of Stathum"
  2. "The Descent of the Family of Statham" by Rev SPH Stathum, is an extended version of his work, as originally published in the DAJ (1).
  3. His date of birth is unknown, and is very roughly estimated upon the approximate date of birth of his son Ralph around 1330.
  4. No direct documentary evidence is known of to show that Hugh was the son of William, so this is far from certain. However William had possession of the family's ancestral lands in Lymme, Lymmebothes & Stathum, and Hugh's son John's descendants inherited the same lands (6).
  5. There exists some detail from the will of John Stathum of Stathum in Cheshire, but I have not yet managed to consult the original for myself (or find a transcript, which I believe may well exist in one of the volumes of the "Annual Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records"). For now I only have some slightly contradictory notes on it. In the Derbyshire Archaelogical Journal (1), Rev SPH Stathum states "John, ... by a deed enrolled in the court of Chester in 1405 (6 Hen iv, f. 9) left 'all his lands, tenements, rents and services in the ville of Lymme, Lymbothes and Stahum' to his son John and his heirs male, with remainder to (his nephew) Thomas, son of Ralph de Stathum, with remainder to William, son of Ralph de Stathum, and failing male issue to all or any of these legatees with remainder to his right heirs", and a little later concerning Ralph "we have seen how his brother John named his two eldest nephews Thomas and William, his heirs, failing issue to his own sons". In "The Descent of the Family of Statham" (2), this had changed slightly to "By a deed enrolled in the Chester Court in 1405 (CPR 6 Hen IV f9), we learn that John de Stathum, son and heir of Hugh de Stathum, gave to John de Stathum his son, and to the heirs male of his body legitimately begotten, all his lands, tenements, rents and services, with all their appurtenances, in the vill of Lymme, Lymbothes and Stathum. Failing such heirs to his son John he demised his estates to his son Thomas and his heirs male, with remainder to Richard, son of Ralph Stathum, and, failing heirs of Richard, to the heirs of William, son of Ralph de Stathum". More recently, in his paper "Central England and the revolt of the Earls, January 1400", published in Historical Research Vol 64, Issue 155, pp 403-410, David Crook states "In 1405 John de Stathum, Ralph's brother, arranged to leave his lands in Lymm, Lymm Booths and Statham to his nephews Thomas, Richard and William de Stathum of Morley, in that order, if his own male line should fail", and he references CHES 29/108, rot 9, which is the same item under today's classification. Whatever the exact wording of the will it seems to show that John was son to Hugh and brother to Ralph.
  6. In "The Descent of the Family of Statham" (2) page 30, there is a transcript of a document (from Coram Rege Roll, 1-2 Henry VIII, m7d) relating to a dispute between descendants of John (Hugh's son) over land which, in part, reads :
    ... all those messauges, lands, temnaments, meadows, pastures, rents and services with their appurtenaces, which formerly belonged to the aforesaid John, son of Hugh in Lymme, Lymmebothes and Stathum..."
  7. In "The Descent of the Family of Statham" (2) page 27, (also mentioned in DAJ (3) page 83), an entry from 1384 in the Cheshire Pleas Rolls (CPR 87, m33d) is said to concern "Thomas son of Hugh Stathum" who had committed "divers transgressions". However there is nothing to indicate that this is the same Hugh Stathum, and it seems fairly unlikely that he would still have been alive at this date.