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Tristram Daintrie


Father Thomas Dayntrie
Mother Margaret Alcocke
1st Wife Lidia
2nd Wife Elizabeth Bache
Children Arthur, John, Elizabeth, Isabella, Joanna

Tristram was born in Fauld in about 1583, the son of Thomas and Margaret (1). He had an older sister Elizabeth, and his younger sister Amy was born a couple of years later (3).

He married a lady called Lidia (4), and they initially lived in Fauld, where they had a son in 1602, but his name is unreadable in the parish register (5). Tristram had two sons alive when he wrote his will - John & Arthur (13) - so it could have been one of them, although it appears to be a longer name. They also had three daughters, Elizabeth (13), Isabella (6) and Joanna (7).

Tristram and Lidia appear to have moved to Edensor in 1607 or 1608 (8), and in 1614 they sold some property in Fauld (10). However Lidia died soon after this (9) and the following year Tristam was getting married again, this time to Elizabeth Bache (11). He didn't have any children with Elizabeth.

Jane Daintrie, a 96 year old widow, died in Edensor shortly after Tristram's second marriage (12). This must have been his paternal grandmother. I suspect that both she and his father had moved in with Tristram the previous year when he sold the house and land in Fauld, with his father's agreement noted (10).

He wrote his will in July 1629 (13), in which he describes himself as a gentleman. He died within a few weeks and was buried in Edensor on 3rd August (14). His wife Elizabeth died the following year (15).

Brief details of his children:


  1. He was baptised in 1583 (2), but he could have been 1 or 2 years of age at the time (his elder sister having been baptised 3 years earlier), and indeed it would make better sense if he was, otherwise he would have been a little younger than normal when married.
  2. Parish Register of St Werburgh, Hanbury includes the entry:
    [1583, Chrystininges] Trystram Dantree filius Thomas Dantree baptus fuit 22 Decemb
  3. See his father's page
  4. His first wife is mentioned just twice, both times in 1614, but once she is called Lidia (10) and once Amie (9). I suspect that Lidia was correct and that Amie was a mistake in the parish register. Amy was the name of Tristram's grandaughter who I believe was living with him following the death of her father Nicholas Bradbury and her mother (Tristram's daughter Elizabeth)'s subsequent remarriage in 1624. (Amy was also the name of his sister, hence his grandaughter could be named after her, not neccesarily a mother of that name.)
  5. Parish Register of St Werburgh, Hanbury includes the entry:
    [1602, Chrystininges] [......] Dauntry fillius Tristram 2 Februari
  6. Parish Register of St Werburgh, Hanbury includes the entry:
    [Nomina Baptisatorum Anno 1607] Isabella filia Tristram Daintrye 29 die Julii
  7. Parish Register of St Peters, Edensor includes the entry:
    [1608] 6 Octobris B Joana Dentrie filia Tristram Dentrie
  8. They had daughter Isabella baptised in Hanbury in 1607, and daughter Joanna baptised in Edensor in 1608.
  9. Parish Register of St Peters, Edensor includes the entry:
    3 July Amie Dentrie wyfe of Tristram Dentrie buryed the 3 July [beinge tuesdaye] 1614
  10. Collections for a History of Staffordshire, New Series, Vol IV, 1901, page 72, amongst a collection of extracts from final concords lists one as follows:
    On the Octaves of St Michael. 12 James I.
    Between William Burton, George Alsopp, and John Alcock, complainants, and Tristram Daintree and Lidia his wife, deforciants of a messuage, 4 acres of land, 30 acres of pasture, 3 acres of wood, and common of pasture for all cattle in Fald.
    Tristram & Lidia remitted all rights to the complainants and to the heirs of William, and granted that they would warrant the said tenements against Thomas Daintree, father of the said Tristram, and his heirs forever, for which the complainants gave them 60.
  11. Parish Register of St Peters, Edensor includes the entry:
    [1615] Tristram Daintrie and Elizabeth Bache were solemnized the 25 Aprill [beinge tuesday]
  12. Parish Register of St Peters, Edensor includes the entry:
    [1615] 3 July Jane Daintrie widowe thage of 96 yeres was buryed 3 July [be: Monday]
  13. Will of Tristram Dayntrie (ref: PROB 11 @ National Archives) reads:
    In the name of God Amen The eight
    daie of July in the yeare of the raigne of our soveraigne lord Charles by the grace of god
    of England Scotland France and Ireland kinge defender of the faith & the [fift]. And
    in the yeare of out lord god one thousand six hundred twentie and nine I Tristram
    Dayntrie of Edensor in the countie of Derbie gentleman being something weake and sickly
    but in good and perfect health and memorie (thanks be givenunto the almightie god therefore
    doe ordaine constitute and make this my last will and testament in manner and forme
    followinge, First I bequeath and commend my sowle into the handes of allmighty god my
    Creator & humblie beseeching him to forgive mee all my sinnes and trustinge assuredlie through
    the onely merritts of the death and passion of Jesus Christ my only saviour and redeemer
    to be partaker of everlasting life. And my bodie to be buried in the church or chancell at Edensor
    aforesaid. Item I give and bequeath unto some learned Preacher to make a sermon at my buriall
    tenn shillings. And to releive such needy poore withe drinke and money as shalbe at ye
    time there assembled. Item I give and bequeath unto the ringers that shall ringe for me at ye
    tyme of my decease and buriall tenn shillings of currant english money. And unto the Clarke
    that shall make my grave I give five shillings of like currant money. Item I give and bequeath
    unto the poore of Edensor aforesaid fortie shillings of lawfull english money.
    And to the poore of Pilsley I give tenn shillings of like english money And
    unto the poore of Beely (with those poore in Chatsworth [...]) I give and bequeath tenn
    shillings of like currant money. Item I give and bequeath unto the poore of Fauld in the
    countie of Stafford where I was borne and first tooke breath twenty shillings of currant
    english money And unto the poore of Hanbury and Coton next adjoyning to Fauld afore
    said I give and bequeath twenty shillings of like currant English money to be equally devided
    amongst them by my lovinge Cosen John Alcocke of Fauld, and the churchwardens then being
    of Hanbury aforesaid. Item I give and allow for my funerall expences twenty pounds of
    currant Englishe money, Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne Arthur Dayntrie the
    [nist] some of fiftie pound of lawfull english money, Item I give and bequeath unto my
    sonne John Daintrie the [nist] some of two hundred pounds of good and lawfull money of
    England And unto them I give two of my best cloakes to be devided betwixt them. Item
    I give and bequeath unto my sonne in law George Birds my best suite of my wearing apparell
    and the rest of my clothes to be at my wives disposinge. Item I give and beueath unto my brother
    in law and sister Sharpe fortie shillinges of currant english money. Item I give and bequeath
    unto my daughter Elizabeth Birds the [nist] some of twenty pounds of good currant English
    monsy. Item I give and bequeath unto my grandchilde Amy Bradbury the full & [nist]
    some of fowerscore pounds of good and lawfull money of England And I doe desire my lovinge
    Cosin Richard Bateman of Hartington in the countie of Derby gent that hee will take
    care the said fowerscore pounds given by my will to my said grandchild Amy Bradbury
    may be imploied for and towards her preferment. Item I give and bequeath to my godsonne
    Tristram Birds five pounds of lawfull english money. Item I give and bequeath unto Mr
    Gervas Watts a two and twentie shillinges peece of gold. Item I give unto everie one of my
    servants that doe dwell with me at the time of my decease tenn shillinges of currant english
    money And to everie one of my godchildren twelve pence. Item I give and bequeath unto
    my said sonnes Arthur and John Daintry and unto my said daughter Elizabeth Birds the
    one moitie of all my howshold good plate and utensills of houshold whatsoever to be equally
    devided amongst them. Item I give and bequeath unto my loving wife Elizabeth Dayntry
    all the profitt and commoditie of my lease howse and houwses farme and groundes in Edensor
    aforesaid duringe the remainder of my said lease yf she so long live and keepe her
    widowes estate and n my name But if it shall happen that she shall either depart this
    mortall life, marrie or contract herselfe in marriage with any whatsoever before the end
    and expiracon of my said lease, That then my will and minde is that my said sonne John
    Dayntrie shall enter uppon my howse and howses and all and singuler grounds and
    profitts in Edensor aforesaid to his onelie use and behoofe for and duringe ye remainder
    of my said lease, And unto my said loving and deere wife (my funerall expences beinge
    discharged, and all my legacies paid and everie thinge in this my said will truly
    executed and performed I freely give and bequeath all the residue of my estate goods
    cattell and chattells moveable and unmoveable and household stuffe and [.eensills] of
    household whatsoever unbequeathed and not formerlie given and disposed of by this
    my said will. And this is my true intent and meaning (any thing herein contained
    to the contrary in any wise notwithstandinge. And I doe intreate my deere wife as ever
    there was true love betwixt us that shee wilbe a mother unto my grandchilde
    Amy Bradburie and see her brought upp with due education in the fear of god. Item I
    doe ordaine constitute and make my deere and lovinge Cosen Richard Bateman aforesaid
    and my said sonne Jo Dayntry the sole and onely executors of this my last will and
    testament assuringe my selfe of their faithfull love and integritie. And reposinge that
    trust and confidence in them that they will honestlie and truly performe execute and
    discharge all thinges in my said will contained, and see that everie thing therein be
    truly performed accordinge to my true intent expressed and declared, And unto my
    said loving Cosen Richard Bateman I give and bequeath two twenty shilling peeces
    of gold to make him a ringe, And I do intreat my loving brother in law Raphaell Bache
    of Stanton to be the supervisor of this my sayd will and testament, And unto him I give
    and bequeath a two and twenty shillges peece of gold intreating his love to
    of the same; And I doe intreate him to avise assist and [comuell] my said executors so often as necessary
    occasion shall require for the performinge and executinge of this my said will and testament beinge
    written everie word and line with my owne hand. And furthermore I have thought good, fit & convenient
    to sett downe under my own hand in a schedule in parchment hereunto annexed so neare as I can
    possible gesse the true value of my whole estate, taht uppon the first sight thereof there may be a perfect
    view taken of the same In witness whereof I have hereunto putt my hand and seale the daie & yeare
    first above written: I have thought good to sett downe as true breefe of my whole estate as it is at
    this present as nere as I can possible gesse it as may appeare by this schedule annexed to my will
    bearing date with the same written with my owne hand, A note of my goods Imprimis nine kyne
    xxiiii li three calves iiiili xs two geldinges xiiili three mares xvili: two fillies vli; nynetytwo old sheepe
    xxiili; thirtie six lambes vli, fower swine an five scores vli toto Ciiiili xs: Household goods and
    utensills of houshold with all manner of husbandrieware worth lxxxiili: wooll in the howse worth viili
    Wheate and all other manner of graine in teh house with meale and corne uppom the ground at this
    present [wort] xlli toto Cxxixli Money owinge mee uppon good securitie Mr Roger Collumbell uppon
    bond Cviiili; The same uppon another bond liiiili; Mr Francis Fulwood xxili xiis. The executors of
    Tristram Daintry of Retford xxili xiis; Roger Bradshaw xxxiili viiis; Wm Tattersall xxili xiis
    John Collier xli xvis Mr Richard Greaves xli xvis John Cowley iiili viiis Robert Greensmith
    xxili xiis Henry Greensmith xli xvis Robert Nedham xxxiili viiis my brother in law Jo: Bache of
    Tamworth xli Mr Rob: Deane xviiili od money: Francis Eaton liiiili; John Hill xxili xiis
    Roger Dickens xxili xiis: Wm Milnes xli xvis Jo Brightmore iiiili xiiis iiiid: Besides thankes
    be to god I have at this present Cli in fayre gold and Mr Harrison oweth me iili; Toatl 580li 17s
    4d: Total of my whole estate as may appear above is viiiC xiiiili viis iiiid, And out of this my
    whole estate I have given in legacies with xxli allowed for my funerall expences iiiiC xliiili iiis And
    then there will remaine for my lovinge wife with the benefitt of my lease iiiiC li; I hartely
    intreate my cosen Robert Bateman and my cosen William Bateman with such other of my
    neighbours as shall thought fittinge to be the prisers of all my goods and chattells moveable
    and unmoveable, And I doe hartelie intreate them to price all my goodes and chattells with true
    judgement and not too much under the value By me Tristram Daintrie Witness to this
    my said will: Gervas Watts William Mather
    Probate granted 8/1/1629[/30] to John Dayntrie, son.
  14. Parish Register of St Peters, Edensor includes the entry:
    [1629] Tristram Daintry buried 3 august
  15. Parish Register of St Peters, Edensor includes the entry:
    Sepult Elizabeth Daintrie uxor Tristram aprilis 28 16[30]