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Amelia Flint

1823 - 1897

Father John Flint
Mother Hannah
Husband George Bramwell
Children Nancy, Hannah

Amelia was born in Tideswell in 1823 (1), the 2nd child of John and Hannah. She moved to Cressbrook with her parents sometime in the late 1830s, and by the time of the 1841 census (2) she was living there working as a cotton weaver. She married George Bramwell of Tideswell on 15th August 1843 (3), and was obviously heavily pregnant at the time, as their daughter Nancy was born less than a fortnight later (4).

Its not clear how quickly the marriage broke down. Its likely that George lived with her for a while, but there were no more children born, and by the next census of March 1851 (5), Amelia and Nancy were living with her parents in Cressbrook, while George had gone back to his mother's in Tideswell (6). Amelia had another daughter in 1857 called Hannah (7). I suspect that even though George is named as the father in the baptism record, he may well not have been, as there is no idication they had got back together, indeed when George died in 1859 he was still living in Tideswell (8).

At the time of the 1861 census (9), Amelia and her daughters, were living with her widowed mother, along with her sister Margaret's children. By 1871 (10) her eldest daughter Nancy had left home to get married, and her sister's children were no longer there, leaving just Amelia, her mother and her younger daughter living together. Her mother died just a month or so later. At the 1881 census (11), Amelia's daughter Nancy, and her husband and family, were living next door, and in fact overflowing into Amelia's house, as Amelia had her own daughter Hannah and Nancy's eldest son George living with her. Amelia was described as a Char Woman at the time.

Her younger daughter Hannah left home to marry in 1885, leaving Amelia on her own. However Hannah's new husband died the following year, so she moved back in again, thus when the 1891 census (12) was taken, Amelia and Hannah were sharing a house.

Amelia died in Cressbrook, on 13th June 1897, aged 74 (13). According to her death certificate, the cause of death was a combination of cardiac degeneration, general dropsy and bronchitis, so its probably fair to say she wasn't feeling too well towards the end!. She was buried in Tideswell two days later (14).

Brief details of her children:


  1. Parish Register of St John the Baptist's, Tideswell contains the following baptism entry :
    When baptised
    Childs Christian Name
    Parents Christian Name
    Parents Surname
    Quality, Trade or Profession
    May 20th
    Daugr of
  2. Census of 7th June 1841 reads:
    Place: Cressbrook
    John Flint 45 Cotton Weaver y
    Hannah do 45   y
    Ann Flint 20 Cotton Weaver y
    Amelia Flint 15 do y
    Philip Flint 15 do y
    Margaret Flint 13 do y
    Line marking seperate household in same house
    William Harrison 25 do y
    Emma do 25 do y
    Thomas do 1   y
    Susan Farmer 25 Cotton Weaver N
    Charlotte Walton 15 do N
  3. Marriage Certificate from Registration District of Bakewell states:
    1843 Marriage solemnized in the Parish Church in the Parish of Tideswell
    When married Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at the time of marriage Father's name and Surname Rank or Profession of father
    August 15th
    George Bramwell Minor Bachelor Joiner Tideswell Robert Bramwell Joiner
    Amelia Flint Minor Spinster Weaver Cressbrook John Flint Weaver
    Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by Banns
    in the presence of Ann Flint, Philip Heaton Flint
  4. Birth Certificate from Registration District of Bakewell states:
    When and where born Name Sex  Name and surname of father Name, surname and maiden surname of mother Occupation of father Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
    Twenty seventh of August 1843 at Cressbrook, Township of Litton Nancy  Girl George Bramwell Amelia Bramwell, formerly Flint Joiner George Bramwell, Father, Cressbrook Fifteenth of September 1843
  5. Census of 30th March 1851 reads:
    Place: Cressbrook
    John Flint Head Mar 60 Power Loom Weaver Cotton & Wool [Derbyshe], [Tideswell]
    Hannah Do Wife Mar 60 Weaver's wife at home Lancashshe, Moseley
    Edward Heathcote Son in law Mar 27 Ag lab Derbyshe, Longstone
    Ann Do Daur Mar 31 Power Loom Weaver (Cotton & Wool) Do, Tideswell
    Amelia Bramwell Daur Mar 27 Do                     Do Do, Do
    Nancy Do G. Daur   7 Scholar Do, Litton
    Margaret Flint Daur U 21 Power Loom Weaver (Cotton & Wool) Do, Do
    Susan Farmer Lodger U 35 Do                     Do Middlesex, London
  6. Census of 30th March 1851 reads:
    Place: Tideswell
    Ann Bramwell Head Widow 51 Cotton Winder Derby, Tideswell
    George do Son Mar 27 Joiner   do         do
    Amy do Daur U 24 Factory [????????] (Cotton)   do         do
    Sarah do Daur U 20           do         do   do         do
    James do Son   12 Scholar   do         do
  7. Parish Register of St John the Baptist, Tideswell includes the entry:
    Christian Name  
    Parents Name   Abode   Quality, Trade
    Christian Surname
    Bramwell Tideswell Joiner
  8. Death Certificate from Registration District of Bakewell states:
    When and where died Name Sex Age Occupation Cause of death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
    Second May 1859, Tideswell George Bramwell Male 35 years Joiner Consumption, Certified Thomas Moseley, present at the death. Tideswell Third May 1859
  9. Census of 7th April 1861 (page 1, page 2) reads:
    Place: Middle Row, [Cressbrook], Litton
    Hannah Flint Head W 69 Charwoman [Derbyshire], Cressbrook
    Amelia Bramwell Daur W 37 Cotton & Worst power loom Weaver do, Tideswell
    Nancy do Granddaur Un 16         do                                 do do, Cressbrook
    Hannah M F Bramwell Granddaur   3 [Scholar] Derbysh, Cressbrook
    Mary J Robinson Granddaur   6 Scholar do, Cressbrook
    Hannah do Granddaur   4 do do, Wardlow
    Sarah A do Granddaur   2   do, do
  10. Census of 2nd April 1871 reads:
    Place: Bottom Row, Cressbrook
    Hannah R Flint Head W 81 Parish Pauper Lancashire, Mosley
    Amelia Bramwell Daur W 48 Housemaid Derbyshire, Tideswell
    Hannah M F do Grand Daur   14 Cotton Power Loom Weaver do, Cressbrook
  11. Census of 3rd April 1881 reads:
    Place: Cressbrook
    Amelia Bramwell Head Widow 58 Char Woman Tideswell, Derbyshire
    Hannah Mary Flint do Daughter Unm 23 Cotton Weaver Cressbrook, do
    George Sheldon Grandson do 15 do do, do
  12. Census of 5th April 1891 reads:
    Place: Bottom Cottages, Cressbrook, Litton
    Amelia Bramwell Head Widow 66   Derbyshire, Tideswell
    Hannah M Walker Daur Widow 33 Powerloom Calico Weaver Derbyshire, Litton
  13. Death Certificate from Registration District of Bakewell states:
    When and where died Name Sex Age Occupation Cause of death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
    Thirteenth June 1897, Cressbrook, Litton Amelia Bramwell Female 74 years Widow of George Bramwell a Joiner Journeyman Cardiac Degeneration. General Dropsy. Bronchitis. Certified by J H Parke MRCS P.H. Flint, Brother, in attendance, Tideswell Fourteenth June 1897
  14. Parish Register of St John the Baptist, Tideswell includes the entry:
    Name Abode When buried Age
    Amelia Bramwell Cressbrook June 15th
    Died June 13th