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Hugh de Morley

circa 1220s - circa 1260

Father Hugh de Morley
Mother Joan
Wife unknown
Children Hugh, Richard, Walter

Hugh was probably born around the 1220s (1), the eldest (surviving) son of Hugh (2)(3)(4)(7)(10) and Joan (2). He had at least one younger brother, H...? (10), and possibly another one, Walter (12).

His father died in 1231 (2).

He quitclaimed his rights in Morley Park to Chester abbey sometime in the 1240s (3), probably when he came into possession of his father's lands (1), and also granted land to the abbey (4).

Nothing is known of his wife, but he had a son and heir Hugh (9), and younger sons Richard and Walter (13).

He witnessed a grant of his brother(?) Walter, somewhere around 1250 (5), and was co-witness with him to another one a few years later (6). Walter then witnessed an agreement between Hugh and Robert de Dun, lord of Breadsall, concerning common land between their two vills, following a long running dispute from his father's time (7).

He was still alive in 1258 and 1259, when he was witness to two grants concerning land in Bradley from Roger of Stretton to Matthew of Kniveton (8), but died soon afterwards (11).

Brief details of his children:


  1. His date of birth is an estimate based on :
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    1231. Willelmus Basset de Langwait, Eustachius de Ludham, Reginaldus de Colewico et Johannes de Aencurt constituti sunt justiciarii ad assisam nove dissaisine capiendam apud Dereby a die Pasche in tres septimana, quam Johanna que fuit uxor Hugonis filii Phillippi et Hugo filius ejus aramiaverunt versus Walterum abbatem Cestrie de tenemento in Morlegh, Smalleg et Kidesleg; salvis etc. Teste rege, apud Wudestok, x die Januarii.
  3. "The Chartulary or Register of The Abbey of St Werburgh, Chester", published by the Chetham Society in Volume 79 (New Series). Entry 239 (abstract) reads:
    Quitclaim by Hugh, son of Hugh de Morley, to abbot Roger of his right or common in Morley Park or in its assarts. 1240-49.
  4. "The Chartulary or Register of The Abbey of St Werburgh, Chester", published by the Chetham Society in Volume 79 (New Series). Entry 272 (abstract) reads:
    Agreement between abbot Roger and Hugh, son of Hugh de Morley, who gave to the abbot three acres of land in Smalley, and nine in Morley, being the new assart between the land of Henry the clerk and the sichet at Smalleysty (without rights of common in Hugh's other lands), and quitclaimed his right in Morley Park. The abbot allowed Hugh to make new and hold old assarts in the wood and commons of Smalley. Saving to the abbot and his tenants sufficient pasture etc. 1240-49.
  5. "Descriptive catalogue of Derbyshire charters", Jeayes, entry 2195 reads:
    Grant from Walter de Morley and Joan his wife to the church of St Mary de Parco Stanley and the Canons there, of the well called Wyhitlakeswelle, with a rood of land adjacent, in the territory of Stanton, "ad claundendum et fossandum et ad suum conductum ex illius fontis aque ductu faciendum", with right of way through the lands of the said Walter to the well. Witn. Dom William de Gray, Dom. Robert la Vavasur, tunc vicecomes Nothingham, Hugh de Morley, Hugh de Duyn, Helyas de Ryseley, etc. Circ 1245-1255. (Add 47510).
    The same grant appears in "The Cartulary of Dale Abbey", entry 242. Here it is dated to 1246-1255 by virtue of Robert la Vavasur being styled sheriff of Nottingham.
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    This is the agreement made between lord Robert de Dun on one part, and Hugh, son of Hugh de Morley, on the other, viz., that the whole land about which there was dispute between lord Robert de Dun and Hugh (de Morley) son of Philip, which lies between Breadsal Wood and Morley-Open-Field, shall lie in pasture common to both vills for ever. Except that land which Gilbert the miller and Hugh son of Henry de Breadsal, hold, which shall quietly remain for ever to the said Robert and his heirs; so that neither the aforesaid Hugh, son of Hugh, nor his heirs, shall ever claim or demand any right thereunto. And that this agreement may stand firm and steadfast for ever, two instruments are made between them, to which their signs are affixed, viz., the instrument which remains in the possession of Robert, with the seal of the said Hugh, and the instrument which remains in the possession of the said Hugh, with the sign of the aforesaid lord Robert. These witnessing: Lord Robert de Esseburn, lord Thomas de Curscun, lord Robert de Muschamp, John de Henoure, Michael de Henover, Roger de Dun, Walter de Morley, Hugh de Dun, John de Weston, clerk, and others.
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  10. "The Cartulary of Darley Abbey", Volume 1, p221, E.29, the extract reads :
    Grant by Hugh, son of Hugh de Morley to the canons, with the body of H. his brother, of an annual rent of 3 shillings from the stall which Roger the palmer held of him in Derby in the saddlery to be paid by the said Roger and his heirs and assignes. c1240
  11. "The Cartulary of Darley Abbey", Volume 1, p222, E.29a, the extract reads :
    Memorandum that Hugh son of the above (10) Hugh son of Hugh of Morley gave to the canons in alms one acre in the fields of Derby distributed in 3 strips lying next to the road from Derby to Darley, on the west side, c1260.
  12. See his father's page
  13. His sons Richard and Walter are mentioned various times in a variety of sources. See Richard's page for more details.