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Robert Bradbury

circa 1495 - 1541

Father unknown
Mother unknown
Wife Agneta Miller
Children George, Robert, William, Josephine

Robert was probably born around 1495 (1) in Youlgreave (2). He may be the same Robert Bradbury who appeared in court in 1508/09 charged with assault (3). He married Agneta Miller in about 1514/15 (4)(5), and they had at least four children - George, Robert, William and Josephine(?) (8).

In 1518 he was described as being "a man of great power and substance" (6).

His wife died young, probably in or just before 1523 (4).

Prior to the disolution of the monasteries in the 1530s, he held lands in Youlgreave, probably at Meadow Place (aka Meadow Pleck) (8)(10), under the Abbey of Leicester. After the disolution, he held it under the King (10), but even so he does not seem to have been classed as a "tennant-in-chief", as no IPM has been found for him.

In around 1538, he was sued for a debt of 70, owed to the late Sir Thomas Cockayne of Ashbourne (7).

He wrote his will in March 1541 (8), and died sometime over the next few months (9). His inventory showed that owned a considerable amount of livestock (9), indicating that he was still a wealthy man.

Brief details of his children:


  1. There were Bradburys living in Youlgreave from at least the early 15th century, so he was almost certainly descended from them. An article entitled "Early Youlgreave Families" in "The Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society", Volume 5, pp 243-245, claims that a Richard Bradbury held the same land that Robert held under the Abbey of Leicester, in 1431, thus showing descent from him. However it cites the work of Arthur Carrington for this claim, but the pedigree in Sheffield Archives drawn up from his notes (ref MD 2068.3), though mentioning Richard in 1431, does not mention any land held under the Abbey of Leicester, so this needs confirmation.
  2. The Feudal History of the County of Derby, by John Pym Yeatman, Volume 3, Secion 6, page 390, lists those present in a court held in Youlgreave in 24 Henry VII [1508/09], including "Robt Bradbury for assault".
  3. The Feudal History of the County of Derby, by John Pym Yeatman, Volume 3, Secion 6, page 409, quotes from a court roll from 7th May 15 Henry VIII [1523] :
    Robt. Bradbury, of Yolgreve, surrendered a mess. and 15a. in Prestcliff, late Thos. Hodkinson, Thos. Cokayne, Kt., George Vernon, Esq., Otiwell Needham, ..... Miller, jun., enfeoffed the said Robt. Bradbury that he should make a feoffment of the said lands to the use of himself and Agneta his late wife, and daughter of John Miller of Dale, in tail and in default of issue to his own right heirs, according to terms of a marriage settlement of the 6 Hy. VIII [1514/15].
  4. A pedigree of the Bradbury family of Youlgreave, drawn up from the notes of Arthur Carrington, held in Sheffield Archives (ref MD 2068.3), with which I generally agree, claims that Robert's wife in 1518 was Clemence, the daughter of Roger Smithley or Smedley, and that his wife in 1523 was Agnes, daughter of John Miller of Dale. No reference is given for his claim concerning Clemence, and Yeatman's transcript of the court roll certainly appears to show that he married Agnes/Agneta around 1514/15, and that she was dead in May 1523. My thoughts may well change if further evidence comes to light. I still to have to examine the original court roll of 1523 to confirm Yeatman's transcript.
  5. A pedigree of the Bradbury family of Youlgreave, drawn up from the notes of Arthur Carrington, held in Sheffield Archives (ref MD 2068.3) includes the following note :
    "Kenwardine v Robert Bradbury"
    Robert Bradbury of Yolegrave being a man of great power and substance ... said the land in question should go to his children ... when the vicar come in to be sworn as a witness, the said Robert B. come afore him and rebukyd the Vicar saying he was a great Leyre & maynten his adwasyne (advowson)

    The identical quote is given in "The Transactions of the Hunter Archaeological Society", Volume 5, pp 243-245, in an article entitled "Early Youlgreave Families", but this also dates it as 1518.
    This is undoubtably from a document now held in the National Archives, with the following catalogue entry:
    REQ 2/3/301 Richard Kenwardyne of Youlgreave, Derbyshire v Robert Bradbury: a messuage and lands in the lordship of Youlgreave. 1518 Apr 22-151. I have not had chance to examine the original yet.
  6. Document ref C 1/961/27, in The National Archives. Catalogue entry reads:
    Barbara, late the wife of Thomas COKAYN (Cokyn), knight, and Vincent Law, executors of the said Sir Thomas, v. Robert BRADBURY of Youlgreave.: Debt.: DERBY. 1538-1544
    My transcription of it (so far deciphered!) reads:
    To the Ryght honorable [Sir] Thomas [..ndler] knyght Lord
    [..ndley] of Walden ye Lord [Chancelor] of England
    [Humbly ....... .....] your Right honorable Lordship [.... ........ & Lord... Dayn ..........................]
    [.. .........] of ye last wyll of [.. ...... .......... Cok ..] Knight deceased [but ...s...d ...............]
    [..... ..] Robert Bradbury of Yolgreve [in the] Countie of Derby was [indetteyd] to the seyd Sir Thomas [............]
    decease in the sume of Lxx li of good lawfull money of England [whyche] sume of money ye seyd [O.....] sins the [Death]
    of the sayd Sir Thomas Cokayn [.....] testator they gave of you tymes demanded the seyd Robert Bradbury to [............]
    unto them whyche to do the seyd Robert Bradbury hath at all tymes refused [.. ... ....] And for so [m..........]
    seyd Oraters have no especyalte or other wryttyng of the seyd Robert Bradbury to compell hym to pay to them ye
    seyd sumes of money the same [yo..] Orators know not what good remedy or [recovery] they [shuld ..... for ... ....]
    By [con..se] of the comen law In consyderacon whereof [.......] praise your Right honorable [......] to [.............]
    wrytt of subpena [......] the seyd the seyd Robert Bradbury comandyng & [I.......] hym by [....] of the [.....]
    at & certeyn day & under & certaeyn payn in the same wrytt to be [h.......] personally to [.................]
    in hys court of [chancery] then [if] there to [......] to the praisser & [..] ther to be [.....d ...........]
    [..... ..] wryht [equyte] & good consciens & [your said] Orators shall pay to almyhty God for the [posession] of
    your Ryht honorable Lordship long to [Jud...]

    Note: Thomas Cockayne of Ashbourne's will was dated 4/4/1537, and proved 25/4/1537
  7. Will of Robert Bradbury (ref: B/C/11/Robert Bradbury, Youlgreave, 1541 @ Lichfield Record Office) reads:
    In the nayme of god amen in the yer of our lord god a thousand fyve hundred & xl the xxiii daye of
    March I Robert Bradbery of Yollowgreve of holl mynd and gud remembrance make my testament and last wyll
    in this manner & forme fowloyng Firste I beqwethe my soule to allmyghte god to ayr lady saynt mary
    and to all the compeny in heven my body to be berytt in the chyrche of Yollowgreve in sayntt peter where
    It[em] I beqwethe to mayster vycar for my mortuary as the lawe wyll. It[em] to the sayd vycar to pray for
    me iiis iiiid It[em] to sayntt Cead of Lychefeld vid It[em] to the reparacyons of Yollowgreve churche iiis iiiid
    It[em] I beqwethe to George Bradbery my son all my [purchett] lands in Yollowgreve and in the towne and
    fyldys of the same with my tacke whyche I hayd of the abbott & conventt of Leycester nowe beyng in the
    kyngs holdyng It[em] to the sayd George for hys heyr lomys vi silver sponys of my best my beste pott
    my best fedur bad with a bolster ii pelows ii coverlets ii payr of shets the beste gyrdyll yt was my
    wyffs the best payr of beds yt was my wyffs a payr of [taclye hokys] my best panne my beste candyll
    styke my best [burd] with ii trestyls my best wayn my best ploghe my best harow a payr of blanketts
    a spytt with a payr of gawbartes a brasyn mortar a [stepe fatte] in the barne & a grett wayder. Item I be
    qwethe to Sir Crystofer Noth xiid to pray for me Item to Joes [Rypston] xxs Item to Agnes Bradbery ye
    wyffe of Ryc Bradbery iiis iiiid Item I wyll my gods be devydyd in iii parts when I am broght home &
    my detts payd and George my son to have my iii partt & the other ii parts to remayne to Robt Bradbery
    my son Wyllm Bradbery my son & Joes Bradbery my doghter Item I gyff unto Nycolas Stone Nycolas
    Halows Ryc Halows Ryc Halle Elyzabeth Bradbery & Emmott Torre my [servands] evrie of them xiid
    Item I wyll that George Bradbery my son have all my [tymber] and to gyff unto his ii bredren
    & hys syster xls Item I beqweth to Robt Cobbe for his labors xxs Item I orden constitute & make
    my trewe and lawfull executor George Bradbery my son to dyspose for the helth of my soule and
    all crysten soules as he wyll ownsring to god Item I hertely desyr myster James Fouljambe to be
    my supervysor and he to have for hys paynes xls Thes wyttenys Syr Hugh [Heype] priest
    Syr Crystofer Northe Wyllm Bradbery with other [moo]
    Item I wyll yt my doghter Joes Bradbery shall have viiili xs more then my sonnes Wyllm & Robt
    have to ther partes.
  8. Inventory of Robert Bradbury (ref: B/C/11/Robert Bradbury, Youlgreave, 1541 @ Lichfield Record Office) reads:
    The Inventory of Roberte Bradbury of Yolgreve
    of all & synguler goods beyng the said Roberte at the
    tyme of the departyng praysed by James Roose Rycharde
    Kylhare Humfrey Marshall and Roger Marshall the
    xiiii daye of July anno dni [millimo quinqenmo] xlimo
    Fyrst a brandyd oxe & his ploweiiili vs
    Item two browne oxenlis viiid
    Item a blacke oxe & a fynchyd xlviiis viiid
    Item a brandyd fat oxexxvis viiid
    Item ix kye after xvis viiid a coweviili xs
    Item ii C [weydres] after iis vid a [weydre]xxxli
    Item xx [weydres]xlvis viiid
    Item viiixx hewes after iis a peecexvili
    Item iii scowre hewes after xxxiiis iiiid a scowrevli
    Item iiii fat [weydres] after iis vid a peecexs
    Item vii [weydres]xs
    Item xiiii hewesxxxs
    Item iiiixx lambes after xviiid a lambevili
    Item iiii swynexvis
    Item a sowe & v pyggsvis
    Item a greye horse xxvis viiid
    Item an olde horse iiis iiiid
    Item a marexiis
    Item ii towellsxxd
    Item iiii yards of new lynyn clothxvid
    Item iiii yards of harden clothxiid
    Item xvi yardes [.. ..] of harden clothiiis iiiid
    Item a father bedde & ii matressesxlis
    Item x blankettsxiiis iiiid
    Item xv payre of shetsxxviis iiiid
    Item xxiiii coverlettsxlviiis iiiid
    Item ii bolstersxxd
    Item ii pyllowesviiid
    Item vi sylver sponesxxxs
    Item vi sylver spoonesxxvis viiid
    Item vi sylver sponesxviiis
    Item vi chandelersviiis iiiid
    Item ii chaffyng dysshesiiis iiiid
    Item a salte sellerxiid
    Item a [voydre]iis
    Item iiii pewter plattersiiiis
    Item vi olde plattersiis iiiid
    Item iiii pewter dysshesxvid
    Item iiii [s....ers]xd
    Item a basyn & a boll of pewterxiid
    Item vi [comtersetts]xxd
    Item iiii pottsxxs
    Item x pannsxxxviis
    Item ii payre of cawberds iii spytts iiii brandyrons
    ii payre of tongs & a payre of bellowesxs vid
    Item a [baxstone] & a [cressett]xd
    Item tubbes lomes kytts malet & other [cheen gayre]viiiis iiiid
    Item ii [dykes]vis
    Item ii [kymnells]iis
    Item iii bordsxvid
    Item ii fattsxs
    Item ii forms & ii trestelsxiis
    Item Corne in the barnexiiiis
    Item Corne on the fyldexliiis
    Item x yoksiiiis
    Item vii yron teams ii payre clavys & a payre lynksviis iiiid
    Item ii hacks a [hedgyng] byll a fallyng axe a [flesshe]
    axe iiii [..... hoks] iii [nawkers] a rake [wymble] ii
    spads v sythes ii plowghes with ye [gayre ..to] belongyng
    ii yron wedges & ii yron [cro..s]xs viiiid
    Item a wayne with yron bande wheles & a nother with
    bare wheles & ii wayne ropesxxvs
    Item vi capons viii henns & a cockeiiis
    Item iii harrowesiiiis iiiid
    Item a cheareiiiid
    [... Totalis]     ciiili xixs iid
  9. A pedigree of the Bradbury family of Youlgreave, drawn up from the notes of Arthur Carrington, held in Sheffield Archives (ref MD 2068.3) claims that :
    "On 23rd June 1552, The Crown granted to Sir W Cavendish, Youlgreave Rectory and manor of Meadow Pleck (nearby) with a messuage with two yards of land in Youlgreave, in tenure of Robert Bradbury, along with other property sequestered from Leicester Monasteries temp reformation" The source is not given.