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William Hodgkinson

circa 1570 - 1637

Father Unknown
Mother Unknown
1st Wife Alice
2nd Wife Grace
Children Roger, Richard, Francis

Nothing is known of William's early life, but it is very likely that he was born in Over Haddon (1), probably somewhere around 1570 (2). He may well have had a brother Thomas, and possibly one called Robert too (3).

He probably married a woman called Alice, with whom he had at least 3 sons. Roger was the eldest (4), along with Richard (4) and Francis (7). His wife died in 1623 (8). Sometime after this, when he must have been in his fifties, if not sixties, he remarried to a woman called Grace (4), who was probably quite a few years his junior.

His son Francis died sometime before 1637, so that when William came to make a deathbed will in May 1637, he only mentioned his two remaining sons Roger and Richard (4). His possessions at the time of death, listed in his probate inventory (5), seem fairly meagre, but with 4 of "ready cash" he was far from poor. William died soon afterwards and was buried at Bakewell (9). His widow Grace survived for another 16 years (10).

Brief details of his children:


  1. As there were Hodgkinsons in Over Haddon from at least the mid 15th century. "The Feudal History of the County of Derbyshire", Volume 3 contains a number of extracts from the court rolls, including:
    Page 345: Court Rolls XX Henry VI (1441/42)
    Haddon and Conkesbury.
    Jo. HODGKINSON and Thos. Leys, Frank pledge. Present, Wm. Brodhurst, Jo. Hally, Jo. Taylor, Jo. HODGKINSON and Jo. Felis, John Brodhurst, Isabel Fairefield, Jo Rose, Wm. Rudyard, Fulk Sutton, for offences. Rich. Sharp and Wm. Fairfield elected Frank pledge.
    Page 358: Court Rolls XI Edward IV (1471/72)
    Over Haddon and Conkesbury.
    Rich. Fletcher, Rich. Kenwarden and Thos. HODGKINSON.
    Page 366: Court Rolls XII Edward IV (1472/73)
    Over Haddon & Conkesbury.
    Thos. HODGKINSON and Rich. Kenwarden, Frank pledge. Hy. Vernon, Esq., and Nich. Montgomery, Esq., free tenants, made default of service.
    Page 371 Court Rolls XIII Edward IV (1473/74)
    13 ED. IV. A GREAT COURT HELD AT CASTLETON On the Vigil of the Apostles Simon and Jude (28th Oct.)
    JURY FOR THE KING-Wm. Townsend, Nich. Syward, Thos. Bradwall, Martin Page, Jo. and Wm. Hall, Wm. Treket, Wm. Fornes, Roger Townsend, Thurston Eyre, Thurston Donne, Wm. Thommason, Martin Tyme, Nich. Howe, Wm. HODGKINSON, of Over Haddon, excused. Wm. Fornes surrendered a cottage in Bradwall, near the tenement of Thos. Woodruff, to Robt. Elott, fine 4d., and did fidelity, Wm. and Thos. Middleton assaulted Nich. Eyre: Alexr. Walker assaulted Jo. Crosby; John Slack, Robt. Barker, Wm. Aleyn of Norton, Jo. Barker of Hathersage, William Rad., Roger and Rich. Slak, Rd. Treket of Hope, Jo. Bowman, Jo. Halum, and Thos. Donn, Roger Marshall and Jo. Stanryn for offences.
    Also, "The Duchy of Lancaster's estates in Derbyshire 1485-1540", shows that Edmund Hodgkinson was living there in 1497 and was still there in 1529 (when he was said to be 60 years old). Thurston Hodgkinson was also there in 1528-29.
  2. Based on the fact that his eldest son Roger's eldest known child was born about 1615.
  3. All the Hodgkisons found in the Bakewell parish register appear to be descended from three progenitors, all of whom were of a broadly similar age: William of Over Haddon, Thomas of Over Haddon, and Robert whose exact residence within the wider parish of Bakewell is unknown.
  4. "Verbal Will" of William Hodgkinson (ref: B/C/11/William Hodgkinson, Over Haddon, 1637 @ LRO) reads:
    June the 20th 1637
    These are to Certefie whom it maie Conceyrne these wourds on hearing
    weare the last will & testament of Willm Hodgkinson late of
    Overhaddon deceased published ^ before Richard Taylor & Humfrey
    Broadhurst as Followeth : about a week before his death

    first the said Willm said that he have three pounds in money out of
    the which his funerall expenses should be Discharged. And out of
    the remainder did geve & bequeath unto his sonne Richard Hodgkinson
    twelve pence in full satisfaction of his Childs parte or portion
    & all the rest of his goods he did fullie & freelie geve & bequeath
    them unto Rodger Hodgkinson his eldest sonne & to Grace his now
                                            Richard Taylor
                                            Humpfrey + Broadhurst
                                                his mark
  5. Inventory of William Hodgkinson (ref: B/C/11/William Hodgkinson, Over Haddon, 1637 @ LRO) reads:
    A true & perfect Inventory of [all the]
    goods & chattells of William Hodgkinson
     li - s - d
    Imprimis his purse & apparell4 - 0 - 0
    Item 3 sheets & two pillowes0 - 4 - 0
    Item 1 bolster & 1 pillowe0 - 3 - 0
    Item 1 pair of Blanketts0 - 3 - 6
    Item 2 [C...blets]0 - 13 - 4
    Item 1 [Stock..ll]0 - 5 - 0
    Item 1 [pur. or pot...cke]0 - 0 - 3
    Item 1 Chere0 - 0 - 4
    Item one Chest0 - 1 - 6
    Item one Cushion0 - 0 - 4
                  Summa 5li - 10s - 11d
    praisers Georg [Broadhurst]
    Wm Lockton
    Roger Myllner
    Charge on the funerall - 1 - 15s - 2d
    & for the moutuary - 3s - 4d
    Exhibit fuit .... ........ apud Bakewell xxmo
    Junii 1637
                      Reginaldus Lynder
                        notarius public..
  6. Standard form of administration of estate of William Hodgkinson (ref: B/C/11/William Hodgkinson, Over Haddon, 1637 @ LRO) dated 20th June 1637 grants letters to Roger Hodgkinson, yeoman of Over Haddon (along with Humfrey Broadhurst, husbandman), concerning the estate of William Hodgkinson of Over Haddon, his late father.
  7. Francis was dead prior to William's probate in 1637, so the only document suggesting that he was a son of William, is his daughter Joane's will in 1641 (11) which refers to her uncle Roger Hodgkinson. The only known Roger Hodgkinson that this could refer to was William's son, meaning that her father Francis was also William's son.
  8. Parish Register of All Saints, Bakewell includes the entry:
    [1623] Alicia Hodgkinson uxor Gulielmi sepulta [exat] 25 Die Novembris
  9. Parish Register of All Saints, Bakewell includes the entry:
    Willmus Hodgkinson Sepult erat 21 die May 1637
  10. Parish Register of All Saints, Bakewell includes the entry:
    Gracia Hodgkinson sepulta erat secundo die mensis May 1653
  11. "Verbal Will" of Joane Hodgkinson (ref: B/C/11/Joane Hodgkinson, Over Haddon, 1641 @ LRO) reads:
    Memorandum that on the 4th day of August anno domini
    1641, Joane Hodgkinson late of Overhaddon in the parish
    of Bakewell in the county of Derby Spinster being weak
    in body but of good and perfect Remembrance, did there declare
    her selfe concerninge her wordly goods or to this effect in
    the presence of Richard Heathcote and james Hadfield
    vizt. I give to Roger Hodgkinson my Uncle twoe shillings
    and sixe pense, Item I give to mary Hall my Aunt green
    pettycote, And to every one of her three children a2d
    Item I give to my Aunt Buxton my Godmother the peticote
    which I weare now and to WIlliam Buxton her sonn my
    middlemost potte. To my coosen John Buxton 12d and to
    my coosen Ann Buxton one cher which was my Grandmothers
    Item I give unto Roger Mylner my Uncle five Sheepe, and to my
    Aunte Margeria Mylner a little potte a kettle and a whtye aprone
    Item I give to my Aunte Maud Riddiard my green apron
    I give to my coosen Humpfrey Riddiard my great potte. Also
    I give to Geoirge Riddiard my coosen my panns, I give to
    Elizabeth Chapman 12d. The remayneder of all my
    goods I give to my uncle Francis Riddiard.
    Also the above said Joane Hodgkinson did put her hand and seale
    to a wrighting to ye effect in the presence of the witnesses above