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Robert de Mortimer

died before 1212

Father unknown
Mother unknown
Wife unknown
Children Robert

Very little is known of Robert. He was granted the manor of Little Woodham, by Henry II, at the time of his marriage (1), probably in or before 1168 (2).

His only known child was a son Robert (3). As neither Robert (the father)'s date of death, nor Robert (the son)'s date of birth is known, it is unclear which one is referred to in a number documents from around the end of the 12th century. One of them was assessed for scutage of one knights fee on the manors of Little Wodeham and Amberden (each manor being half a fee) in 1190/91 (4). It was probably the same person who went with Richard I on the third crusade (5) around the same time (although it is possible that the father was still alive and holding the manors, whilst the son was fighting in Jerusalem).

He was certainly dead by 1212 (6), but possibly a long time beforehand.

Brief details of his children:


  1. "The book of Fees, commonly called Testa de Nevill, Part I, 1198-1242", 1920, page 121, has the following entry, dated 1212, sub Essex :
    Robertus de Mortimer tenet Parvam Wudeham de dono Regis Henrici secundi per dimidium militem, quam dominus Rex Henricus secundus dedit patri predicti Roberti in maritagio; Alicia de Hailesle tenet iiij. partem militis de eodem feodo.
  2. Complete Peerage, Volume 9, page 258, note j states:
    [Robert de Mortimer] was pardoned a debt in the account of the sheriff of Essex (Pipe Roll, 14 Hen II, p44)
    The implication being that this occured after he had been granted land in Essex on his marriage (1)
  3. Complete Peerage, Volume 9, page 258, note j states:
    Robert de Mortimer, son of Robert de Mortimer, for his soul and the sole of his wife Margaret de Say, daughter and heir of Hugh de Say, confirmed to [? Lanthony] Abbey the gift of Roger de Alfreton in Bilbury, which had been granted to Roger by Hugh de Say, lord of Castle Richard, son of Hugh de Say, and confirmed to him by Hugh de Ferriérs (Harl. MS. 6821, fos 101, 101d - a collection of papers formerly belonging to Gregry King, Rouge Dragon)
  4. Complete Peerage, Volume 9, page 258, note j states:
    In 1190/1 he, or his son, was assessed to the scutage of Wales for one knight's fee of the Honour of Peverel of London in Essex (Red Book of the Exchequer, p78)
  5. Complete Peerage, Volume 9, page 259, note a states:
    Robert de Mortimer was among the knights of the honour of Peverel qui abierunt Jerusalem and were pardoned certain debts at Mich 1190 (Pipe Roll, 2 Ric I, p 110)
  6. As by 1212 his son had inherited the manor of Little Woodham (7).
  7. "The book of Fees, commonly called Testa de Nevill, Part II, appndix", 1923, page 1464, lists fees held of the honour of Hatfield Peverall c1212, and includes :
    Robertus de Mortuomari, j feodum in Amberd' et Wodeham in Essex'.