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Francis White

died in 1743

Francis's signature and seal on an indenture in 1709 (1)

Father Francis White
Mother Mary Birds
Wife unknown
Children Mary, Ralph, Elizabeth

No record of Francis's early life has been found, but what clues there are point towards him being born in Monyash, the son of Francis and Mary White, probably in the 1670s or 1680s (1). He was first referred to as Francis White the younger in 1709, when he arranged to lease 10 acres of land in Flagg comprising Nether Crotia, Middle Crotia, Doore Close, New Close and Overmost Close from Nathaniel Bagshaw of Tideswell for seven years, at 10 pounds a year. (2). This lease may well have been related to his setting up home at the time of marriage, as his eldest known child Mary was born around spring the following year (4). His brother Thomas appears to have moved into a house on this land around the end of 1712 (2). He also had a son Ralph in 1713 (8) and a daughter Elizabeth in 1716 (5).

Francis was a husbandsman (2)(6), but described himself as a yeoman in his will (3), and also mentioned owning various properties/land in both Flagg and Monyash, so he was relatively comfortable financially.

He died in 1743 and was buriad in Monyash on 10th January (9). He was survived by his wife (3).

Brief details of his children:


  1. Around the time that Francis would probably have been born, the parish registers for Chelmorton are very poor, and those for Monyash are missing. However, the bishops transcripts for Chelmorton survive back to 1663 and those for Monyash to 1672. His baptism does not appear in them. Judging by all the available evidence though, I believe there is a very high probability that Francis was the son of Francis White (who I call Francis senior below for clarity) and Mary Birds. The evidence is as follows:
  2. An indenture (reference CM/330 in the Crewe Muniments held at Sheffield archives) reads:
    This indenture made the ninth day of September in the eight years of the Raign of our Soveraign Lady Anne by the Grace of God of Great Brittain France and Ireland Queen Defender of the Faith Between Nathaniel Bagshaw of Tiddeswall in the County of Darby Gentleman of the one parte And Francis White the younger of Flagg in the said County of Darby husbandman on the other parts Witnesseth that the said Nathaniel aswell for and in Considerat of the Rents reservations Covenants provisos and conditions after Reserved and mentioned hath Devised Granted sett and [to Farme] lett unto the said Francis White his Executors Administrators and assignes All those tenn acres [.....] of Inclosed Land and one Rood lying [....] to in Dale land all in Flagg Town Fields called by the names of the Nethercrotia middlecrotia Doore close new close and overmost Close with all Commons priviledges and appurtenances to the said tenn acres & three Roods belonging or in any wise appertaineing All [wth] sd Devised pemises are now in the tenure and occupation off Francis White of his under tennant To have and to hold all and singular the sd Devised pemises and every part and parcel thereof unto the sd Francis White his executors administrators and assigns From the Five and Twentyth Day of March next ensueing after Date hereoff For and Dureing and untill the Full end and term of sea- -ven yeares from thence next ensueing & from thence being accounted fully to be compleated expired and ended Yielding and paying therefore yearely dureing the sd term unto the sd Natahniel Bagshaw his heirs or assignes the yearely Rent of ten pounds of lawfull money of great Brittaine [yearely & every yeare] att Michalmas ~~~~~ and Lady Day ~~~~~~~~~~ by even & equal portions and also paying & dischargeing all taxes & assessments that shall be asessed or imposed upon the sd Devised pemises or any part thereof dureing the aforesaid term Provided allways upon condition that the sd yearely Rent of Tenn pounds or any part thereof shall be behind and unpaid by the space of Fourteen Days next after or over either of the sd Dayes or times of Paymnt on wch the same ought to be paid by the true intent and meaning of theise [........] being lawfully demandd That then & Imediately after such non payment of Rent as aforesaid this [...] Indenture & the sexin hereby Granted shall cease [Deformine] & be utterly void & then & from thenceforth it shall & maybe lawfull to & [......] Nathaniel bagshaw his heirs and assigns into all & singular the sd Devised pemises to reenter & the same to have hold reposess enjoy as is his or theire former estate anything in theise [....] containd to the contrary in any wise notwithstanding And the sd Francis White for himselfe his heirs Executors Admins & assigns & for every of them [... ... & ....] and Grant to & wth the sd Nathaniel Bagshaw his heirs & assigns & to & wth every of them by theise [......] that he the sd Francis White his Exectors Admins assigns shall & will well & truly pay the sd yearely Rent as the same shall Grow Due & also will sustain & maintaine all walls & Fences belonging to the sd [Devised pemises] in Good sufficiant & Tennantable Repairs dureing the sd term & att the end of the sd term shall in such tennantable repair [.........] quietly & peacably leave & yield up he same unto the sd Nathaniel Bagshaw his heirs & assigns and that he [the sd Francis White] will [.. .....] The ~~~ land according to Custom And the sd Nathaniel Bagshaw for himself his heirs Executors Admins & assigns & for every of them [Doth ..... pemise] & Grant to [.....] the sd Francis White his ~~~ Executors Admins & assigns & wth every of them by theise [....] That it shall & may be lawfull to [....] the sd Francis White his Executors Administrats & assigns For & under the Rents reservations & [....] provisos & Conditions herein before mentioned lawfully [............] to have hold posess & enjoy all the sd Devised pemises & every part & parcel thereof. [................] Claime & demand of him the sd Nathaniel Bagshaw his heirs ~~~~~~~~~~~~ [...] assigns dureing the sd term. In witness whereof the parties above said to theise [.....] Indentures have [........bly] put theire hands & seales this ninth day of September One Thousand seven hundred & nine 1709:
                            Francis White

    Reverse side reads:
    Sealed & delivered in this
    [.. ......] off -
    Thomas White
    Jos: Hall

    [Memorand] It is agreed before the enseale-
    ing of theise [presente] that in Con-
    sideration of Francis White paying
    the [.... ....] not [expressed] within
    [....] to [..... back .....] Rent day
    five shilling Wittness my hand
    [...(a signature?)...]

    Memorand this 22d day of October 1712: It
    is agreed upon by & between ye parties within
    named & Thos White (bro: of ye within mentioned F:
    that whereas ye within named [..] Bagshaw hath laid
    out in building a dwelling house upon ye premises within
    mentioned ye sume of nineteen nine shillings & seavenpence
    that ye sd Thos shall hold ye sdhouse for ye[......] within
    demised payeing for ye same nineteen shillings six pence yearely
    by two equall [pai..ch] at ye daies within appoint[..] one half of ye [....]
    within [.ellen] payeing his proportion of ye rent within [....] In wittness
    whereof ye partyes abovesaid have hereunto put their hands ye day & years
                                                                                                    above said
    Memorand before ye signing hereof ye said [........] Nathaniel Bagshaw
    Covenant to uphold ye sd house in tenantable repaire
    to quit ye same in such repaire at ye expiration of ye [......] within devised
    Witness hereof Geo: Alsop - A his mark                        Francis White
    Wm: Lomas - I his mark                        Thomas White
  3. Will of Francis White (Top half, Bottom half) (ref: B/C/11/Francis White, Flagg, 1743 @ LRO) reads:
    In the name of God Amen January 19 1740 = in the fourteent year of
    the Reige of our Soverenge Lord King Georg the second by the Grace of God
    over Great Brittaine & Annoqu Dommeni: 1740 I Francis Wite of Flagg in
    the parish of Bakewell & County of Darby yeoman Being Weak of Body
    but of sound mind ad perfect memory blessed be God Do make and ordaine this
    My last Will and Testament in manner and forme folloing furst and prinsapally
    I Commend my soul in to the hands of allmighty God my maker hopeing to
    Receve free pardon of all my sinns; and my body to the Earth to be Decently buryed
    at the discrestion of my Exect hear after named and as for such temporall Estate as it
    hath pleased allmighty God to bestow upon mee I give devise and bequeath the saime
    as followeth Imprimis my Will and mind is that all my funeral Charges bee Discharged
    and all the Dets I ow to anny person be honestly paid as for and concerning all my meseuages
    lands & Tenements my will and mind is that my Wife Doth Injoy for or Dureing her nateral
    life those crofts commonly coled by the name of thurstain crofts and the long accers bothem
    belonging to mee sitteating lying or being in the town of Flagg wich I do nomenate and apoynt
    in the Room of her Therds and one Cow wich she shall chuse and one bed vu I Give and bequeath
    unto Mary Allen my eldest Douter and to her Eyrs Lawfully born of her own body all that housing
    lying or being in the town of Monne Ash belonging to mee ajoyning to tag lane end butt for want
    of Eyrs of her own body my will and mind is that the same housing Return to my son Ralph and
    his Eyrs Vis I give and bequeath unto my Douter Elezebeth forty five pound to bee paid her by my
    Execter here after named and as for the Rest of my Estate Goods Cattels I give & bequeath unto
    my son Ralph and I do nommenate and apoynt my son Ralph Wite to bee my sole Execter
    of this my last Will and Testament by mee
                                        Francis White
    Tested in the presens of
    John Bott
    Joseph Bott
  4. Bishop's transcript of the Parish Register of St John the Baptist's, Chelmorton, includes the entry:
    Mary the Daughter of Francis White was baptized May the 2d 1710
  5. Parish Register of St John the Baptist's, Chelmorton includes the following entry:
    [1716] Apr 16 Bapd Elizabeth daughter of Francis White
  6. Inventory of Francis White (Top half, Bottom half) (ref: B/C/11/Francis White, Flagg, 1743 @ LRO) reads:
    A true and perfect Inventory of all and singular
    the Goods Chattles Cattle and Effects of Francis
    White of Flagg in the County of Derby late
    Deceased Taken and Appriz'd this 14th Day of January
    1742* by us whose names hare hereunto subscribed
    l ; s ; d
    Imps His purse and apparel 2 ; 2 ; 0
                         In ye House place
    Two long Tables one Form Seat little table & [press] chairs 1 ; 5 ; 0
    Four pewter Dishes 6 pewter plates 0 ; 14 ; 0
    Landiron Tongs and Pottracketts 0 ; 5 ; 0
    Two Brass potts three Iron potts 1 ; 5 ; 0
    Six Chairs one Slopping Form and 4 Shelves 0 ; 5 ; 0
                         In the parlour
    Two Churns three Kitts and other woodenware 0 ; 14 ; 0
                         In ye Chamber over ye Parlour
    One Bed and Bedding 0 ; 15 ; 0
    One Press Boxes and Wheel 0 ; 5 ; 0
                         In ye Chamber over ye House
    Two Beds and Bedding 1 ; 10 ; 0
    One Ark one Chest and two boxes 0 ; 15 ; 0
    Two spinning wheels two Gobutts & Spitts 0 ; 5 ; 6
    Two Mares 3; 10 ; 0
    Two Cows four Heifers and one calf 18 ; 10 ; 0
    Eighty five sheep 25 ; 0 ; 0
    Corn and Hay 5 ; 0 ; 0
    One Cast Plough Harrow & other Husbandry ware 2 ; 10 ; 0
    One swine 1 ; 15 ; 0
    Lumber ware and Things forgot 0 ; 5 ; 0
    66 ; 10 ; 6
    Hugh Goodwin       \ Appraisers
    William Goodwin   /
    * Note: The date is from the Julian calendar, so for 1742, read 1743. See note in glossary.
  7. Probate of Francis White (ref: B/C/11/Francis White, Flagg, 1743 @ LRO) reads:
    Bakewell Aprill 22d 1743
    Let a Probat of this will be granted to Ralph
    Wite Sole Executor herein named
                                        Oath made before
                                        Thos Groor Surrogate
  8. Bishop's transcript of the Parish Register of St John the Baptist's, Chelmorton, includes the entry:
    Ralph the son of Francis White of Flagg bapt: August the 4th [1713]
  9. Bishop's transcript of the Parish Register of St Leonard's, Monyash includes the entry:
    [January 1743] 10th Burd Francis White of Flagg