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Anne Gilbert

circa 1523 - 1559

Father Humphrey Gilbert
Mother Elizabeth Ireland
1st husband George Bradbury
2nd husband George Allen
Children Richard, George, Anthony, Richard, Thomas

Anne was probably born around 1523 (1) in Youlgreave (2), the daughter of Humphrey & Elizabeth (3)(11). Her only known siblings are brothers George & Richard (3).

She married George Bradbury (3)(11) in the early-mid 1540s (4), and they had a son Richard (5) soon afterwards. Her husband died sometime before June 1546, when the Consistory Court of Lichfield demanded that she provide an inventory of his goods before administration could be granted (6). Sometime before the following May, she married George Allen of Stanton Woodhouse (3)(7)(11).

She and her second husband had a number of children but its not clear how many. Two of them were George (8)(9) and Anthony (9), but as she lived for another 14 years there were undoubtably more - two of which may have been Richard & Thomas.

She died in 1559, and was buried in Youlgreave on 6th March (10).

Brief details of her children:


  1. Her date of birth is estimated based on a few assumptions as follows:
  2. Her family was said to be "of Youlgreave", but this could possibly mean within the wider parish, rather than Youlgreave township itself.
  3. Pedigree of the Gilbert family of Yolgreave in the visitations of 1569 and 1611 (as published in "The Genealogist (New Series)" Volumes 7 & 8).
  4. Approximate date of marriage derived from their only having one known child at the time of George's death in (or slightly before) 1546 (6).
  5. Richard Bradbury must have been their son, as he mentions his Allen half brothers in his will (9).
  6. The Probate Act Book for the Diocese of Lichfield (Ref: B/C/10i/4 folio 44 @ Lichfield Record Office) contains as entry dated 14th June 1546, concerning the estate of George Bradbury of Youlgreave. Anne his widow is asked to submit an inventory by July next. The actual probate documents have not survived.
  7. The Probate Act Book for the Diocese of Lichfield (Ref B/C/10i/4 folio 62b @ Lichfield Record Office) contains as entry dated 13th May 1547, concerning the estate of George Bradbery of Youlgreave. Administration was granted to Anne his widow, and George Alen her husband. The actual probate documents have not survived.
  8. Will of George Allen (ref: B/C/11/George Allen, Woodhouse, 1574 @ Lichfield Record Office) is badly damaged (including some holes in it indicated by ****) and difficult to read, but it mentions :
    • "to George Allen my sone & heyre apparant"
    • "amonges my younger chyldren that ys to ************ Ric [Thoma.........] *****************"
    • "*********** equally devyded amongst my said eight chyldren last mentioned"
    • "my [young..] chyldren which I had by Anne my former wyffe I wyll that they shall have their parte & portions [delyvered] to then when they come to full age of xxi yeares"
  9. Will of Richard Bradbury (ref: B/C/11/Richard Bradbury, Youlgreave, 1581 @ Lichfield Record Office) reads:
    In the name of God Amen they tenth daye of Aprill And in
    xxiiiith yeare of they raigne of our sovaryine Ladie
    Elizabeth by they grace of god of England France &
    Ireland [.....] defender of the they fayth [..] wytneseth
    that I Richard Bradbury of the parish of Yolgreve in
    they countye of Darbie sore syck in bodie yet thanks
    be unto allmightie god of perfitt witte & memorie
    dreading death to approach & drawe nere & they tyme
    thereof is uncertin: do make this my last will and
    testament in maner and forme folowing fyrst I gyve &
    bequethe my soule to almightie god my maker and
    redimor trusting that by they merits of christs passion
    they sonne my soule to be saved Also I will that my
    body be buried in the parish church of Yolgreve before
    they pulpit: Also I will that my detts be payde of my
    wholle goods and my funerall expences discharged according
    to they lawes of this realme And that then they residue
    ^of my goods to remayne and gooe to my younger sonne Thomas
    Bradbury And he & they to be in they custodie of my
    Brother George Alen of they Woodhouse until he come
    to they full age of xxi yeares. Also I most hertely
    desier my wellbeloved brother in lawe Anthony
    Alen to have they governmant of my sonne and heire
    Francis Bradbury and to be allowed for his bringing upp
    att they discrescion and [seygte] of Mr Francis Gilbert
    and my brother George Alin; Also I ordayne
    constitute and make my forsaid brother George Alin my
    trewe and lawfull executor to see that this my last
    will & testament be performed: And Mr Francis Gilbert
    & my brother Anthony Alin to ^be my supervisors of this
    my last will and testament: These wytneses
    Richard Knyfton vicar: Ric Alin. George Eliot. [Henry?]
    hartill [... .... ....]
  10. Parish Register of All Saints, Youlgreave includes the entry:
    [1559] Anne Allen ye wyffe of Georg Allen bur: March vio
  11. Pedigree of the Kniveton alias Gilbert family, of Youlgreave, from the papers of Benjamin Bagshaw, antiquarian. Sheffield Archives reference Bag C/3361B


Check for any Gilbert wills/admons.