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George Ridiard

died 1639

Father John Rideart
Mother Elizabeth
Wife Isabella
Children John, William, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Catherine

George was probably born somewhere around 1570 in Middleton, near Youlgreave (1), the son of John and Elizabeth. He had brothers William & John, and sisters Agnes, Barbara, Elyn & Joane. He was mentioned in his father's will of 1581, when it was implied that he and Agnes were the youngest children (2).

He probably married a woman called Isabella (3), but nothing is really known of him until the birth of his son John in 1598, at which time he was living in Stanton (4). His son William was born in 1600 (5), followed by a daughter Elizabeth in 1602 (6). She only lived a few months (7), and so when his next daughter was born in 1606, he called her Elizabeth too (8). His youngest daughter, Catherine, was born in 1609 (9).

In 1630, his eldest son John died (10), and left half of his estate to George in his will (11). His second son William died in January 1639 (12). George made his own will (13) just three months later in which Sarah, his recently widowed daughter in law, and her children, were the main beneficiaries, stating that he was honouring an agreement with his recently deceased son and heir William. He also made bequests to his daughters Elizabeth and Catherine, along with their husbands and children.

George died a few days later and was buried in Youlgreave on 27th April 1639 (15).

His residence was not mentioned in between him living in Stanton at the birth of his first child (4), and in Middleton when he wrote his will (13), but it seems likely that he spent most of his life in Middleton (where his parents had lived before him). His occupation is not mentioned anywhere, but his will (13) and inventory (14) indicate he was a farmer/husbandman, and a reasonably wealthy one at that.

Brief details of his children:


  1. As that was where his father was resident when he made his will in 1581 (2).
  2. The will of his father John Rideart reads:
    In the name of god amen the xii day of may & in the yeare of our
    lord god 1581 wytnessyth that I John Rideart of Medylton in the paryshe
    of Yolgrayve & in that countie of Derbye husbandman am sore sycke
    in body yet thanks be unto almyghtie god being in pfectte wytte
    & memorie dredyng deayth to approch [..... .......] & the tyme
    therof [.. .......] In manner & forme folowyng do make this my
    last wyll & testament concernyng my farme & goodds first I geve
    & bequeayth my soule to godalmyghtye my maker & Redemer prasyng
    that by the meryts of Crists pasion the same my soule to be saved
    Also I wyll that my detts & legaces be payd of my [....] goodds Also I
    wyll that my body be buried in the pryshe church yarde of yolgreyve
    also I gyve to Wylm Rideart my son one great [.......] one [.... .....]
    [bord a meate bord] with iiii bedsteds & wyth all my husbandry [... way..]
    [pl..... ..... & ...... ....] wyth all other [.....] thyngs thereabelongyng
    payng for that at the syght of Wylm [Breeant] & Wylm Marshall
    unto my wyfe & George & Agnes my ii children also I gyve to my
    daughters Jane Marshall & Barbara [Smylty] & [Elyn] Marshall any one [of them]
    a sheppe also I the forsayd John Rideart have takn one [closese]
    lyeing in medulton felds on George Tomlynson for syxe yers
    the rent payd aforhand buttyng upon [...elow] also I gyve to Elyzabeth
    Rydeart my wyfe the therd parte of all my goodds [any .......]
    wyth my ferme so long as she lyfs yf she kepe my name & yf she
    mary then my wyll is that Wylm my son
    shall have my ferme wyth all thyngs as as afore wrytten
    also I gyve to my thre chyldren the rest of all my goodds
    quycke & deade that is to say Wylm Rideart George Rideart
    & Agnes Rideart also I order Constitute & make Elyzabeth
    Rideart my wyfe & Wylm Rideart my son my trew & law
    full executors wyth Wylm Rideart & Wylm Marshall
    to be my supvicers to se yt this my last wyll & testament
    be performed as they shall annsure afore god [....]
    wytnes [bye] [..... ......] Wylm Newton Wylm
    Conley Thomas [Smyley] wyth others
  3. We know from his will (13) that his wife pre-deceased him, and there was a burial in Youlgreave of Isabella the wife of George Ridyard of Middleton, on 18th January 1625. However there were three known George Ridyards in the area at the time so this is not certain to be his wife. (There was also his nephew George, the son of his brother William; and another George, "son of George".) Its possibile that "my George" was the one who married Alice Buxton at Youlgreave on 25/4/1597, as this marriage date certainly fits in well with the baptism of his first known child in 1598 (4). There are two reasons to believe this marriage was "George son of George" though. The only other entry in the Youlgreave parish register for an Alice Ridiard is a burial in 1651, long after this George's wife was known to have died. Also, in the will of the "George son of George" dated 1637, his (living) wife is named as Alice. There is no record of "nephew George" ever marrying.
  4. Parish Register of All Saints, Youlgreave includes the entry:
    [June 1598] Stant: Johannes Ridiard filius Georgii bapt fuit 11o die
  5. Parish Register of All Saints, Youlgreave includes the entry:
    [September 1600] Willm Rydyart ye of George bap 21o
  6. Parish Register of All Saints, Youlgreave includes the entry:
    [1602] Elizabeth Ridiart the daughter of Georg bap October xiiiith
  7. Parish Register of All Saints, Youlgreave includes the entry:
    [March 1603] Elizabeth Ridiard ye daughter of George buried xixth
  8. Parish Register of All Saints, Youlgreave includes the entry:
    [1606] Bapt Elizabetha fil Georgii Ridiard eodem die [Dec 7]
  9. Parish Register of All Saints, Youlgreave includes the entry:
    [1609] Bapt Katharina fil Georgii Ridiard Dec 24
  10. Parish Register of All Saints, Youlgreave includes the entry:
    [1630] Sepult Johannes Ridiard Junii 25
  11. The will of his eldest son John Rydiard reads:
    In the name of god amen I John Rydiard of Midelton in the county
    of Derby yeoman the nynteenth day of June in the first year of
    the reigne of our Soveraigne Lord Charles by the grace of god
    of England Scotland Frannce & Ireland king dendfer of the
    fayth &r 1630 doe make constitute & ordaine this my last will
    & testament in manner & forme following First & principally
    I commend & give my Soule into the hands of almightie god
    my maker & unto Jesus Cryst my redeemer by whose death
    & passion I trust to be an Inheritor of the kingdome of heaven
    & my body to be buried in the church or churchyard at Yolgrave
    at the discrecon of my freinds, And for my worldly goods I do
    apoynt as follows: the First my will & mind is that my debts
    & funerall expencs & mortuarie be paid fourth of my goods Itm
    I give & bequeath unto my father George Rydiard the one half
    of my Farme which I have by lease from my good Mr John Manners
    esquire for the revercon of the tearme of yeares yett to come in
    the said lease & to give to my brother William Rydiard Elizabeth
    Bryds my sister & to Catherin Rydiard my sister at his pleasure
    what he shall thinke good forth of it Itm I give to the children
    of Mathew Slater twenty shillings Alsoe my will & minde
    is that Francis Slater shalbe kept by my loving wiefe
    untill such tyme as he shalbe paid his porcon I give to my
    welbeloved wiefe Johane Rydiard the other half of my Farme
    & all my goods cattell chattells, corne, debts houshold stuff
    & husbandrie ware, And I do constitut & make my well
    beloved wiefe Johane Rydiard my sole ececutrix of this my
    last will & testament revoking all former willes & have
    herunto sett my hand & seale
  12. Parish Register of All Saints, Youlgreave includes the entry:
    [1639] Midleton Sepult Willm Riddiard fil: Georgii Ridiard Jan 16
  13. The will of George Ridiard reads:
    In the name of God Amen the seaventeenth daie of April in the yeare of our
    Lord God 1639. I George Ridiard thelder of Midleton within the Countie of
    Derbie yeoman beinge sick in bodie but of good and pfct memorie praised be God
    be make and ordayne this my last will and Testament in manner and form
    followinge First I give and bequeath my soule into the handes of God [... ....]
    it [....] my onlie savioure and redeemer and my bodie to be buryed in the pishe
    Church of yolgrave as neere my wife as conveniently maie be Also my
    worldlie goods which it hath pleased pleased God to give me I dispose give and bequeath
    as followeth. Imprimis I give to my grandchilde George Rydyard all my
    [....., ......], ploughs, harrowes, and all other husbandrie ware as [....] tables
    cheares, formes [....] iron [.....]. Item I give to my Daughter in law Sarah her
    daughters viz Marie, Elizabeth and Sarah to everie one of them one mattrisse and
    any part of bedding belonginge to them. Item I give to Marie Ridiard one
    paire of bedsticks with a [.....] in the chamber Item I give to George Ridiard
    my grandchild the bill of lye in with the furniture therit belonging Item I
    give to my daughter in lawes their daughters everie one of them one [.....]
    Item I give to George Ridiard one great pann and one great pewter dish
    Item I give to Elizabeth Ridiard one little pott. Item I give Sara one little
    pann. Item I give to Marie Ridiard one great pott and a pewter dish Item
    I give to Elizabeth Birds the wife of Thomas Birds Tenn pounds Item
    I give to Katheren the wife of Humfri Pegg Tenn pounds. Item I give
    to everie one of my grandchilde which are Thomas Birds and Humfrie Peggs
    to everie one of them two shepe and evrie one of my servants which shalbe with
    me at the tyme of decease one shepe a peece Item I give to my sonnes in
    lawe Thomas Birds and Humfrie Pegg five pounds a peece Item I give
    devise and bequeath to my welbeloved daughter in lawe Sarah Rydiard
    and her assigns the one halfe of the Mill field duringe the continuance of
    all the tearme of the said Mill field [....] in beinge and [.......] with said
    lease is made to mee and my assignes by my [honourable] maister John Manners
    [Esq] for one and twentie yeares. Item I give devise and bequeath to my
    grandchild George Ridiard and his assigns the other halfe and moitie of the
    said Mill field dureinge the continuance of all the said Tearme Item I give
    to my said daughter Sarah and her assignes all that Moitie and halfe of
    Slaters farme in Middleton and all my estate therein, whereof I have a lease
    in beinge for sixe yeares dureinge the continuance of the said six yeares, she
    payinge thirtie pounds by five pounds a yeare to George Marie Elizabeth and
    Sarah the fower children of the said Sarah by William my deceased sonne
    equallie by equall porcons, the first five pounds to be paid the first year
    after my death Item whereas I did intend at the tyme of the marriage
    between my said sonne William and the said Sarah that the said William
    my sonne should have the full halfe of all my shepe and beasts which
    goodes not beinge divided bitwene my said sonne William and mee but occu-
    pyd bitwene us jointly, the whole maie survive to mee in [....mitie] of lawe of
    beinge the survivor. Nevertheles in a [..nscionable] dischardge and pformance
    of the true intention betwixt us I have latelie caused all the said shepe
    and beastes to be divided and the halfe [.. .....] Which I intend for my
    deceased sonne half I have maked with a [.....] in the sholder with said
    shepe and beastes so maked in pfrmance of my said intencon I do herebie
    give divise and bequeath to my said daughter Sarah. And my further
    will and pleasure is that all my legacies of money herebie divised to my
    two daughters and theire two husbands shalbe paid out of the debts due unto
    mee and in default and want thereof the same to be made upp and paid out
    of the moitie of the said shepe which I have lefte unto my self and which are
    not maked Also my will and mind is that the two shepe a peece herebie
    given to my grandchildren and that the shepe herebie devised to my servants and my
    funerall charges shalbe paid and discharged out of my said moitie of the said
    shepe and beasts And their legacies defaulted I give devise and bequeath
    all the rest and residue of my half and parte of my said shepe and beasts to
    my said daughter Sarahs said fower children equallie to be divided between
    them, the same [......] to bee disposed of and imployed to and for [....] best
    pfitt and advantage and if any of the said fower children dye then their [...]
    so dying to be equallie divided amongst the said surveiving children And I
    herebie make my said daughter in lawe Sarah my full and sole executrix
    of this my last will and Testament And i disire my loveing kinsmen
    Robert Bateman and George Ridiard and my loveing sonnes in laws
    Thomas Birde and Humfrie Pegg to be supervisors of this my last will
    and Testament In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and
    seal the daie and yeare first above written
    Sealed the daie and yeare
    above written in the prsence                         George Ridiarde
    of Robert Bateman                                               his mark
    George Ridiards junior his mark
    Edw Harris
  14. The inventory of George Ridiard reads:
    A true and perfect Inventorie of all the goods
    Cattell and Chattells of George Ridiard of
    Midleton deceased valued and praised the
    2 th of Maie 1639 by Robert Bateman
    Francis Birds George Ridyard and Richard
    l s d
    Imprimis his purses and apparrell 5 - 0 - 0
    Item 122 shepe of all sortes whereof [....]
      is given [.... ....]
    35 - 6 - 8
    Item one oxe 3 - 10 - 0
    Item 3 [....]12 - 0 - 0
    Item 3 younger beasts6 - 0 - 0
    Item one swyne0 - 12 - 0
    Item wine and hale9 - 10 - 0
    Item money owinge uppon bonds
      and other [.....]
    27 - 10 - 0
    Item the reversion of a lease for
      6 years [.. ....] his part
    30 - 0 - 0
    Item one cubbord0 - 16 - 0
    Item [barn] and [b.... .. ....]2 - 0 - 0
    Item 3 [.....]1 - 10 - 0
    Item 2 tables with frames, 1 other table and
      4 bordes
    1 - 10 - 0
    Item one [....] axle, one [.ynmill] and kneading
      tubb, 1 [..... ....], one buffett forme
    1 - 0 - 0
    Item paid a for rent of Mill field6 - 5 - 0
    Item 9 [........]1 - 13 - 4
    Item 8 pair blanketts1 - 12 - 0
    Item 3 [.......] and 3 boulsters and
      6 pillowes
    6 - 0 - 0
    Item 3 [........]1 - 10 - 0
    Item 3 mattrisses0 - 15 - 0
    Item one paire of flaxen sheets and
      two [pillowbea...]
    0 - 12 - 0
    Item one [..... bed]1 - 0 - 0
    Item 4 bedsteads0 - 6 - 8
    Item 4 chaires barrells loomes [....],
      and other wooden wares
    0 - 10 - 0
    Item brass and pewter and 1 doz [altament]
    4 - 0 - 0
    Item handiron tonges, and other iron ware0 - 6 - 8
    Item husbandrie ware as [.....] plowes
      harrowes wares and all other
    6 - 13 - 4
    164 - 8 - 8
    Robert Bateman
    Francis Byrd
    the mark of George Ridyard
    Richard Roberts
  15. Parish Register of All Saints, Youlgreave includes the entry:
    [1639] Middlton Sepult Georgius Ridiard Apr 27