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circa 1170 - after 1203

Father Robert, son of Walter
Mother Dina
1st Husband Philip de Derby
2nd Husband Henry Bardolf
3rd Husband Simon de Sancto Mauro
Children Hugh

Ysolt (aka Yseuda etc) was probably born around 1170 (1), the daughter of Robert and Dina (3). She had two (probably older?) sisters - Alice and Amphelia (3)(8).

She married Philip de Derby (4)(8), and they had a son Hugh, probably around 1195 (2)

Philip died in 1199/1200 (4)(8), but Ysolt remarried about 1201, to Henry Bardolf (5). He must have died soon afterwards as she married for a third time about a year later, to Simon de Sancto Mauro (6).

Her mother died shortly after this third marriage, and her estate divided between Ysolt and her sisters (3). Ysolt got the lands in Morley, Smalley and Kidsley.

It is not known how long she lived after this. Her third husband, Simon de Sancto Mauro was the progenitor of the Sancte Mauro (aka Saint Maur or Seymour) family (7), but whether Ysolt was the mother of his heir, Nicholas, is unknown.

Brief details of her children:


  1. Her date of birth is simply an estimate based firstly on her son & heir, Hugh, being born in the 1190s (2), pointing a date around the 1170s. However bearing in mind that her great grandfather, Hardulf, was old enough to hold land in his own name at the time of the Domesday survey, this has been rounded down to 1170.
  2. See her son Hugh's page
  3. "Descriptive catalogue of Derbyshire charters", Jeayes, no 1726 reads:
    Covenant for the partition of lands in Eston [Aston], Sardelova [Shardlow], Wilne, Morley, Smalley, and Kidesleia [Kidsley- in-Smalley], Warenodbi [Wartnaby, co. Leic], Angodestorp [Osgathorpe, co. Leic], Huberetorp and Trengeston [Thringston, co. Leic], between William de Verdun and Aliz his wife, Philip de Wasteneis and Amphelisa his wife, and Simon de Sancto Mauro and Yseuda his wife, late belonging to Dina, the mother of the said Aliz, Amphelisia, and Yseuda. Circ. 1200. (Add. 5235.)
    Hec est finalis concordia facta inter Willelmum de Verdun et Aliz uxorem suam et Philippum de Wasteneys et Amphelisam uxorera suam et Simonem de Sancto Mauro et Yseudam uxorem suam de toto te[ne]mento quod tenuit Robertus filius Walteri et de toto tenemento quod tenuit Dina mater predictarum Aliz et Amfelise et Yseude, scilicet quod Willelmo de Verdun et uxori sue A. in rationabili parte sua remanet totum tenementum cum pertinentiis et libera tenentibus quod Robertus filius Walteri tenuit in Eston et Sardeloua et Wilna excepto seruicio Jordani de Tocha et exceptis vii denariis de seruicio Thome filii Willelmi et exceptis octo Bouatis terre in Wilna quas tenant Raginaldus de Wilna et Hawis vidua et Robertus frater Baldewini et exceptis xii denariis de tofta quam Doda tenuit et excepta terra quam Roger pastor tenet in Sardeloua et remanet eidem Willelmo tertia pars terre et Molendini de Warenodbi qua Robertus filius Walteri tenuit in eadem uilla, et tertia pars bosci de Morle et Smalle et Kidesle parco infra partem suam computato et totum jus quod P. de Wasteneis et Amphelisa uxor eius et S. de Sancto Mauro et Y. uxor eius habuerunt in terra quam tenet Willelmus filius Nigelli ita scilicet quod venient in curiam Regis ad comodum Willelmi et illud jus illi quietum clamabunt. Philippo uero de Wasteneis at Amphelise uxori sue in rationabili parte sua de predictis tenementis Roberti et Dine remanet totum tenementum quod Robertus filius Walteri tenuit in Kirkabi cum pertinentiis et libere tenentibus preter illud quod Juliana de Daiuill [? Damill] in curia domini Regis recuperauit de illis et remanet illi tertia pars terre et Molendini de Warenodbi que Robertus filius Walteri tenuit in eadem uilla et totum tenementum cum pertinentiis et libere tenentibus quod predicta Dina tenuit in Angodestorp et Huberetorp et Trengeston tam in bosco quam in piano et due virgate terre in Hemminton quas Hugo de Waldo et Brun tenuit et seruicium Willelmi de Naileston, scilicet vi solidi. Simoni uero de Sancto Mauro et Ysaude uxori sue remanet totum tenementum cum pertinentiis at libere tenentibus quod Robertus filius Walteri tenuit in Morle et Smalle et Kidesleia preter tertiam partem bosci et remanent illi octo Bonate terra in Wilna quas tenant Reginaldus et Hawis vidua [et] Robertus supradicti at xii denarii de tofta quam Doda tenet in Wilna et terra Rogeri Pastoris in Sardelova et remanent quatuor virgate terre illi in Hemminton quas Reginaldus et Adam et Roger et Matillis quondam uxor Bruning tenent et tertia pars terra et Molendini de Warenodbi que predictus Robertus tenuit in eadem uilla et totum seruicium Jordani de Tocha de toto tenemento quod tenet de feudo quod fuit Roberti filii Walteri et totum seruicium Jordani de Snitertona de eodem feudo et totum seruicium Ricardi Marescalli de feudo illo et vii denarii de seruicio Thome filii Willelmi in Sardeloua et Wilna. Et sciendum quod Willelmus de Verdun debet raddere per annum, P. de Wasteneis et S. de Sancto Mauro, xx denarios ad parficiendum seruicium Comitis Leicestrie pro terra de Hemminton. Hanc autem conuentionem fideliter obseruandam W. et P. et S. iurauarunt et sigillis suis confirmauerunt. His testibus G. Abbate Cestrie, B. Decano Cestrie, Helya de Dithiswrhe, Roberto de Trengeston, Roberto de Morle, Hugone fratre suo, Gaufrido de Sancto Mauro, Warino de Snipeston, Willelmo filio Rogeri, Henrico filio suo, Willelmo de Gardino, Gileberto de Lindeseia at aliis.
    Jeayes estimates a date of circa 1200 for this charter. However, Ysolt din't marry Simon de Sancto Mauro until sometime between 1201-1203(5)(6), so the date must be a little later than Jeayes conjectured.
  4. "Extracts (with notes) from the Pipe Rolls for the counties of Nottingham and Derby", Yeatman, entry on page 59, under "New Offerings", dated 1 John (1199-1200) reads :
    Ysolt, the widow of Philip de Derbi, 20m for the custody of her children etc; and the said Isolda released the whole of her lord's money, if there was any, in the abbey of Gerolden and in the abbey of Verlega.
  5. "Extracts (with notes) from the Pipe Rolls for the counties of Nottingham and Derby", Yeatman, entry on page 66, under "New Oblations", dated 3 John (1201-1202) reads :
    Henry Bardolf owes 30m. for having her to wife who was the wife of Philip de Derebi.
  6. "Extracts (with notes) from the Pipe Rolls for the counties of Nottingham and Derby", Yeatman, entry on page 69, under "of Oblations", dated 4 John (1202-1203) reads :
    Simon de St Mauro £20 for having the custody of the land and the heir of Philip de Derby until he be of age.
  7. See "Complete Peerage", Volume 11, p356, sub Saint Maur.
  8. "Collections for a History of Staffordshire", Vol 3, Part 1, "Staffordshire Suits - Curia Regis Rolls". An entry on page 133 reads:
    ROLL No. 24 TEMP. JOHN.
    A fragment undated.[1]
    Leic. Juliana de Avinill petens, et Willelmus de Verdun et Alicia uxor ejus, et Philippus de Wastineis et Amphelisia uxor ejus, et Philippus filius Hugonis et Ysolda uxor ejus, tenentes, concordati sunt de v. carrucatis terrę in Kirkebi cum pertinentiis. Ita quod mediatas totius predicts terrę cum omnibus rebus remanet ipsi Julianse et heredibus suis, quieta de predictis et heredibus eorum salvo capitalem mesuagium quod remanet quietum ipsis tenentibus, et predictum tenementum tenebatur de ipsa Juliana et heredibus suis, illam scilicet, medietatem per servitium quod pertinet ad illam, salvo blado et catallis qui tune fuerunt super terram qui remanent ipsis tenentibus. Dies datus est in adventu Justiciorum ad faciendum cirographum suum. m. 6.
    [1] This Roll is marked 6 John in modern handwriting.

    This must actually be from 1 John (1199/1200), as Philip was dead before John had been on the throne a year (3).