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John Sheldon

circa 1495 - after 1572

Father John Sheldon
Mother unknown
Wife unknown
Children Roger, Richard, Henry, Thomas, George

All that is known about John is taken from J Gardner Bartlett's research (1), but the few sources of his that have been verified appear to be correct.

John was born around the end of the 15th century, probably in Monyash. The name of his first wife is unknown, but they probably married not too long before the birth of their eldest known son Roger around 1520. There next son was Richard, and he was probably born around 1525. Sometime after this, John's wife died, and he remarried, but the name of his second wife is not known either. He started to appear as a juror around this time too. His next child Henry was born around 1530, followed by Thomas, then George. He moved to Taddington at some stage, and was living there by 1545. In 1555 he may have bought land in Monyash via his son Henry, but that was later disputed. By 1563 he certainly owned some property there. He was listed in a frankpledge in Taddington in 1568. He was still alive in 1572, but is presumed to have died soon afterwards.

Brief details of his children:


  1. The Sheldons of Bakewell, Derbyshire, England, and Isaac Sheldon of New England by J Gardner Bartlett, in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register contains a genealogy of the Sheldon family and includes this section on John Sheldon:

    JOHN 5 SHELDON (John 4, Richard 3, Hugh 2, Richard1), was born about 1495, and was living as late as 1872, when he must have been nearly fourscore years of age (Vide infra, No 9, Star Chamber case). He married twice, but the names of his wives have not been found.

    About 1523 he succeeded to lands of his father in Monyash, Flagg and Ashford, and also acquired lands in Taddington, where he lived during part of his life. All these places are townships in the parish of Bakewell, co Derby,

    The earliest mention found of him is as a juror at a court of the manor of the High Peak Hundred, held 9 Oct, 21 Henry VIII [1529]; he also appears as a juror at courts held 10 Oct 23 Henry VIII [1531]; 14 May 30 Henry VIII [1538]; 6 Dec 32 Henry VIII [1540]; 9 Oct 33 Henry VIII [1541], and 31 May 36 Henry VIII [1544]. The court rolls also show that on 7 Nov 23 Henry VIII [1531], John Sheldon paid 2d for a license to make a settlement with Robert Sheldon, and that on 10 Oct Elizabeth [1568], Thomas Jackson and others were deputies for John Sheldon, frankpledge of Taddington and Priestcliffe. (Court Rolls of the Manor of High Peak Hundred, 41/429-436, 42/446.)

    In the subsidy of 37 Henry VIII [1545-6] John Sheldon was assessed 3s 4d at Holmehill in Taddington on goods valued at 5. (Lay Subsidies, 92/166)

    In 1563 John Sheldon of Taddington co Derby, yeoman, complainant in Chancery, sheweth that he is seised by lawful conveyance of a farmhold and 20 acres of land in Monyashe co Derby, and hath long held and enjoyed the same. But of late divers evidences thereto pertaining have casually gone to the hands of Rauff Buxton and William Buxton, husbandmen, who under colour thereof have seised the premises. Complainant prays for a writ of subpoena against them. (Chancery Proceedings, Series 2, 160/67.)

    In Apr 1555 a house with 40 acres of land in Monyash, was bought by Henry Sheldon, younger son of John Sheldon; and in 1591 this property became the subject of litigation between Richard and Henry Sheldon, the sons of John Sheldon, in the Court of Star Chamber, as will be duly shown (Vide infra, No 9) The names of the children of John Sheldon are learned from this important lawsuit.

    Children by the first wife:
    i. ROGER, b about 1520; dsp in Mar 1590/1. His father is said to have conveyed to him in 1572, as eldest son, the house and 40 acres of land in Monyash above mentioned. (See Star Chamber case, infra, No 9)
    ii. RICHARD, b about 1525.

    Children by the second wife:
    iii. HENRY, b about 1530; d at Dronfield, co. Derby in 1600; m(1) ALICE ___; m (2) at Dronfield 28 June 1596, ELIZABETH CARTWRIGHT. Fifteen days after Easter 1 and 2 Philip and Mary [29 Apr 1555], a final concord was made betweem Henry Sheldon, querent, and Richard Staley and Alice, his wife, deforciants, concerning a dwelling house, 30 acres of arable land, and 10 acres of pasture in Monyash, co Derby, the consideration being 20. (Feet of Fines, Derbyshire, Easter Term, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary.) In 1591-92 the true status of this transaction and the title of this property became the subject of a lawsuit between this Henry Sheldon and his elder half brother, Richard Sheldon. (Vida infra, No 9.) On 24 Apr 5 Edward VI [1551], Hugh Roland was fined 3s 4d for assaulting Henry Sheldon of Monyash; and on 24 Oct 5 Edward VI [1551] Henry Sheldon and Thomas Newton were each fined 10s for assaulting each other. (Court Rolls of the Manor of High Peak Hundred, 41/438, 42/439.) On 6 Oct 1591 John Manners Esq and others were querents in a final concord with Henry Sheldon and Alice his wife, and Robert Mower and Joane his wife, deforciants, concerning a dwelling house, two cottages, a barn, three gardens, an orchard, and 72 acres of land in Taddington, Priestcliffe, and Bakewell, co Derby, the consideration being 100. (Feet of Fines, Derbyshire, Michelmas Term, 33 Elizabeth.) About this time Henry Sheldon settled at Holmewood in the parish of Dronfield, co Derby. In his will dated 4 July 1600 Henrie Sheldon of Holmewood in the parish of Dronfield, co Derby, mentions his wife Elizaebth, his brother George Sheldon, his son-in-law William Trubshawe and the latter's wife Agnes and their children, his son-in-law Robert Mower and the latter's wife Joane and their children, and his godchildren Henry Sheldon, Ellen Cutlove, and Edward Drabbe, and makes his brother George Sheldon executor. The will was proved by the executor 19 Nov 1600, the inventory amounting to 28 19s 4d. (Lichfield Wills, book 4, fo 43)
          Children by first wife:
          1. Agnes, b about 1560; m. William Trubshawe
          2. Joane, b about 1565; m. Robert Mower
    iv. THOMAS, b about 1535; d before 1591, according to testimony in the suit in 1591-92 between brothers Richard and Henry Sheldon(Vida infra, No 9). In the subsidy of 1571 he was assessed at Ashford on goods valued at 3, and in that of 1581 he paid 5s on goods valued at 3. (Lay Subsidies, 92/229, 244.)
    v. GEORGE, b about 1540. He was executor of the will of his brother, Henry Sheldon, in 1600.