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fl 1086 & 1102

Father unknown
Mother unknown
1st Wife Bertha ?
2nd Wife Ravenilda ?
Children Robert

At the time of Domesday Survey, Hardulph held a modest amount of land in Osgathorpe in Leicestershire (1). His origins are unknown, but "Ardulf" (as he appears in Domesday (2)) seems to be an Anglo-Saxon, rather than a Norman name.

Sometime between 1102-1106, Henry I granted him lands in Ashfordby & Wartnaby (3), as his "liege man", likely as reward for a good few years loyal service.

He is said to have married twice, to women called Bertha and Ravenilda (6), but I can't confirm either of these.

He had a son & heir Robert (4)(5), whom I estimate was probably born somewhere around 1100.

His date of death is not known.

Brief details of his children:


  1. Domesday Book, Philimore translation, contains the following entries under Leicestershire:

      Land of Henry of Ferrers
    1. LEC 14,27
      Ardwulf holds 1 carucate of land in OSGATHORPE from Henry.
      In lordship he has 1/2 plough.
      3 villagers with 5 smallholders have 1 plough.
      The value was 12d; now 5s.
  2. Facsimilie image of original in "Domesday Explorer", published by Phillimore.
  3. "Some account of Colton and of the De Wasteney's family", Frederick Perrot Parker, 1879, page 18, gives a charter (#1) from the Gresley Chartulary, Chetham Library, Manchester :
    H Rex Angl: Robto de Paulli et omnibus baronibus et fidelibus suis Franc' at Ang' de Legecestresira sal'. Concedo huic Hardu'pho, suisque heredibus in feudum et ejus hereditarium 4 carr terre cum molendino at pratis et pascuis eisdem pertinentibus, quieta servitio pro 4 libris p' annum, et 2 carr quas mo tenet in Offerdebi de dono Alsini Wredes (or Alfwini Wrethet?) p. xl solid; et in eodem Offerdebi, similiter in feudum 2 alias carr terre pr 10 solid quas eidem Alswinus Wredes concessit, et post obitum suum coram me, et meo concessu, Hardulphum inde hereditarium qetam ab omni servitio pr' 8 solid p, annum, et ipse inde e meus hom' legius, et volo, et percipio ut terras istas bene et in pace et qete et honorifice teneat, cum consuetudinibus et liberatibus cum qbs mo sunt, ut nemo ei inde injuriam aut contumelia faciat, Testi 'Com de Melland et Gosfrid Ridel et Rbto de Ferrariis, apud Windesor.
    The same charter is quoted by Nichols in his "History of Leicestershire", volume 3, p15, sub Ashfordby. Given that Henry came to the throne in 1l00, the Count de Meulan died in 1118, and Geoffrey de Riddel died in 1120, this can confidently be dated to the sometime in first 18 years of the 12th century.
    "Regesta regum Anglo-Normannorum" also lists it in Volume 2, entry 793, where it is dated to 1102-1106, but it doesn't state on what grounds this tighter range is given :
    Notification by Hemry I to Robert de Pavilli and all of Leicestershire: That he has granted to one Hardulf (huic Hardulfo) in fee farm as his liege man certain lands in Asfordby and Wartnaby some of them were given by Alfwin Wredec, and some held by him for life.
    Witnesses: the Count of Meulan; Geoffrey Ridel; Robert de Ferrars.
    [Manchester, chetham Library, C.8.31 (Gresley Chartulary), p 11 (transcript of 17th c). Nichols, History and Antiquities of Leicestershire. iii. 15]
  4. "Some account of Colton and of the De Wasteney's family", Frederick Perrot Parker, 1879, page 18, cites an entry in the register of Leicester Abbey "quoted by Nichols" (meaning his "Antiquities of Leicester"), and dates it to 1186. Nichols in turn cites "Charyte's Rentale, fol. xii"
    Habemus ibidem ex concessione et quieta donatione Roberti filii Walteri, venditionem quam Robertus filius Hardulphi nobis fecit de tota terra suam quam habebat in Ashfordby.
  5. "The Great Roll of the Pipe for the Twelfth year of the reign of King Henry the Second, AD 1165-1166", Pipe Roll Society 1888, Vol. IX. contains an entry sub "Warewicscr at Legr'scr" on page 68 which details the debts of Robert son of Hardulphi.
  6. These two wives are claimed in a number places (7)(8)(9), but no contemporary evidence is offered.
  7. "Some account of Colton and of the De Wasteney's family", Frederick Perrot Parker, 1879, page 19, states :
    Hardolph is said to have been twice married, (1) to Bertha, (2) Ravenilda
    but does not offer any evidence.
  8. Nottingham Visitation 1569 & 1614, as published by the Harleian Society, gives the following citing Harl 1400. Whilst it has placed Hardulph in totally the wrong place, making him Phillip's grandfather, rather than his wife Amphelisa's great grandfather, it is still reasonable to think that there may possibly be some truth in the details of his wives.
             Rananildam = Sir Hardolphe Gasteneys = Bartreiam
              1st wife    __________|                2nd wife
               Sir Robert Gasteneys Kt called Robert sonne of Hardolphe
    Sir Phillipe Gasteneys Knight = Amphelisia d. & coheire to Sr Robert Morley Knight
                            Sir William Gasteneys Knight
  9. Burke's "Extinct Baronetcies", 1844, page 555, incorrectly places Hardulph as the progenitor of the Wasteney family (as in the Nottingham visitation (8)), and lists him thus :
    SIR HARDULF GASTENEYS, knt had two wives, Revenilda and Bertreia
  10. See his son Robert's page