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William de Stathum


Father Robert de Stathum
Mother unknown
Wife unknown
Children Hugh

(Note that all that is known about William is from the work of SPH Statham (1)(2). I have verified none of the original sources mentioned on this page. However the later sources of his that I have verified for his grandchildren and their descendants have been found to be "usually" correct.)


William was probably born in Stathum somewhere around the 1280s (3), the son of Robert (4). He may have married ...


Rev SPH Stathum claims (DAJ 45.83) that "William de Stathum, elder son of Robert (Plea Rolls Chesh I Ric II) is mentioned, as noted above, as being with John Boydell, John Danyell, William Wilme and Richard le Ward, the holders of a moiety of the manor of Lymme by one knight's fee and the payment of each of them yearly of 2d yearly, called Hissom silver(Inq Chest 3/1 23 Ed iii, no 27). The name of his wife has not been discovered but he had two sons, Hugh and William, and a daughter Johanna. His son William was with William de Alkmundelowe and Robert le Harper, appointed Bedel of the Hundrend of Bucklow in 1396, and in 1403 he was made a collector of the subsidy (Recog Rolls, Chester, 1396, 1403). Johanna commenced action for unlawful disseisin in 1378 against Lawrence Glayve of Stathum (Chest. Pleas Roll, 81, m, 17, I Ric ii)."

Rev SPH Stathum claims (Descent of Statham, p26) that William was alive in 1350, married a daughter of John Domville of Lymme, and had children Hugh, William and Johanna. ... "He held a share in the hereditary half of the township of Lymme, as the following inspeximus and exemplificatio of a plea of 4 Ed I (1330) made on April 16 1576 proves
'That .... Geoffrey de Warburton, Kt; John Boydell; John Daniell; William Wilme; William de Stathum; and Richard le Ward held a moiety of the manor of Lymme by one knights fee and the payment of each of them yearly of 2d yearly, called Hissom Silver' (I.C. 3/1 23 Ed III, no 27)
His wife was I believe, a daughter of John Domville, with whom he received certain lands in Lymme, Stokes, Wirhale and Lymme Bothes, which had been the dowry received by Robert Domville with his wife, a daughter of Thomas de Legh, and were passed on again as dower to William de Stathum (Chester Fines, App 28, Rep 6)"

So the idea of his wife's identity came between the two publications. I need to check out his reference, which I believe refers to the appendix to "Calendar of Fines, counties of Chester and Flint, Edward I: removed from Chester to the Public Record Office in 1854" (28th Annual Report of the Deputy Keeper of the Public Records, Appendix number 5, pp. 6-19; London, 1867), from series "CHES 31" at PRO/TNA

Brief details of his children:


  1. The Derbyshire Archaelogical Journal, Volume 45, contains an article by Rev SPH Stathum entitled "An enquiry into the origin of the Family of Stathum"
  2. The book "The Descent of the Family of Statham" by Rev SPH Stathum, is a revised and extended version of the work he originally published in the DAJ (1).
  3. His date of birth is just a very rough estimate based primarily on the likely date of birth of his grandson Ralph.
  4. In the DAJ (1) on page 83 William is called the "elder son of Robert", and a reference of "Plea R. Chesh, I Ric ii" is given. However looking back to page 81 describing Robert as "the father of William de Statham and grandfather of Johanna", the reference given is "Ches Plea R 81, m 17, Ric ii". The aforsaid Johanna is said (back on page 83) to be mentioned in "Chest Pleas Roll, 81, m 17, I Ric ii). It seems fair to assume that these are all referring to the same piece of evidence, and that when in "Decent" (1), on page 24, the reference chnages to "Cheshire Pleas Rolls 81 m 27", then this is an error - 81 m 17 being the correct reference. Given the slight confusion, I should endeavour to confirm this with the original. I have been unable to track down a published transcript or calendar of these rolls.