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Isaac Goodwin

1767 - 1850

Isaac's signature at the time of his marriage (4)

Father George Goodwin
Mother Jane Mycocke
Wife Kezia Heathoat
Children Mary, George, James, Isaac, Thomas, Maria

Isaac was born in Monyash in 1767, the youngest child of George and Jane (1). He had up to three older brothers, and up to three older sisters, although its not known for sure that they were all still living at the time of his birth (2). His father died when he was 14 (3).

He married Kezia Heathcoat at St Giles, in Hartington, on 21st January 1790 (4). He and Kezia probably lived in Manchester initially after marriage and had a daughter Mary there later the same year, and a son George in 1792 (5). He probably returned to Monyash to attend his mother's funeral in 1793 (8), but otherwise his whereabouts for the next ten years is unknown. He was seemingly living in Stockport at the birth of his sons James (circa 1802), Isaac (circa 1805), and Thomas (circa 1807) (9), but had returned to Monyash by the time his daughter Maria was born in 1813 (10). Its very likely that he had more children than this, but no trace of any has yet been unearthed.

On moving back to Monyash, he probably returned to lead mining (11). His wife Kezia died in 1826 (12), and sometime after this he moved in with his son James and family, where he was living at the time of the 1841 census when, obviously too old to be mining any more, he was working as a rag collector (13). He died on 15th February 1850 (14) and was buried 3 days later at St Leonard's (15).

Brief details of his children:


  1. Parish Register of St Leonard's, Monyash, includes the entry:
    [1767] Decem 27th Bapd Isaac son of Geor Goodwin & Jane
  2. See his father's page
  3. Parish Register of St Leonard's, Monyash, entry
    [July, 1782] 21st Burd Mr Geor Goodwin Senr
    It is probable, but not certain that this burial relates to Isaac's father (2).
  4. Parish Register of St Giles', Hartington, contains the entry
    Isaac Goodwin & Keziah Heathcote of this Parish
    Married in this Church by Banns
    this 21st Day of January in the Year One Thousand seven Hundred
    and ninety By me Wm Gould Curate

    The Marriage was solemnized between Us Isaac Goodwin
    Kezia Heathecoat
    In the Presence of Thos Handley
    Jno Kopkinson
  5. This is a little speculative so far. There was a George Goodwin buried in Monyash in 1814 aged 22, for whom there is no corrsponding baptism. However there was a baptism of a George, son of Isaac and Kezia Goodwin at Manchester Cathederal in 1792 (7). Given that Issac and Kezia are thought to have been living in Stockport, just to the south of Manchester about 10 years after this, along with the relatively rare combination of names Isaac and Kezia as parents, it seems likely that this baptism does indeed relate to them and their son. If this baptism is accepted as being their son's, then it is also likely that the baptism of Mary, to father Isaac (no mother named), in the same church 2 years earlier (6), and about 10 months after their marriage, is another of their children.
  6. An extracted entry in the IGI refers to the baptism of Mary Goodwin, daughter of Isaac, on 14/11/1790 at Manchester Cathedral. This entry has been confirmed for me by a helpful person who lives closer to Manchester than I do.
  7. An extracted entry in the IGI refers to the baptism of George Goodwin, son of Isaac and Kezia, on 7/10/1792 at Manchester Cathedral. This entry has been confirmed for me by a helpful person who lives closer to Manchester than I do.
  8. Parish Register of St Leonard's, Monyash, entry reads:
    [1793, March] 21 Burd Jane Goodwin Pauper
  9. There were 3 Goodwin men having children in Monyash in the 1820s/30s who weren't baptised there - James, Isaac and Thomas. In later censuses they all claim to have been born in Stockport - No baptisms have been found for them, but this suggests that they were brothers whose parents had moved to Monyash from Stockport while they were children. James also had Isaac Goodwin aged 75 living with him in the 1841 census (13), and his wife Sarah was the informant of Isaac's death in 1850 (14). Isaac (junior) and Thomas both had a daughter called Kezia, the name of Isaac's wife.
    Whilst being less than conclusive I believe this shows clearly enough that Isaac (senior) was the father of James, Isaac and Thomas, and was living in Stockport for much of the first decade of the 19th century.
  10. Parish Register of St Leonard's, Monyash includes the entry:
    Christian Name  
    Parents Name   Abode   Quality, Trade
    Christian Surname
    28 Feby
    Daughter of
    Goodwin Monyash Labourer
  11. At the baptism of his daughter Maria, Isaac was said to be a labourer (10), which could obviously relate to any manual job. However the overwhelming majority of the men in the village worked in lead mining, and he was described as a miner his death certificate (14) (although he would obviously have given up such manual work a long time before then, as shown by his occupation of "rag collector" as a 75 year old in the 1841 census (13))
  12. Parish Register of St Leonard's, Monyash includes the entry:
    Name Abode When buried Age
    Moniash June
  13. Census of 7th June 1841 reads:
    Place: Monyash
    James Goodwin 39 Miner
    Sarah Do 35  
    George Do 10  
    John Do 5  
    Mary Do 3  
    Edward Do 9 months  
    Isaac Do 75 Rag Collector
  14. Death Certificate from Registration District of Bakewell states:
    When and where died Name Sex Age Occupation Cause of death Signature, description and residence of informant When registered
    male 84
    Miner Old age
    Sarah Goodwin
    In attendance
  15. Parish Register of St Leonard's, Monyash includes the entry:
    Name Abode When buried Age
    Isaac Goodwin Monyash Feb 18th