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Ralph White

died 1673

Ralph's signature on a conveyance in 1667 (3)

Father unknown
Mother unknown
Wife Mary Anne Sheldon
Children Francis

Nothing is known of Ralph's early life. He married Mary Anne Sheldon at All Saints Bakewell on 24th May 1635 (1), and they lived in Sheldon (2)(3) where they had at least one child Francis (3).

In 1651 he was named as supervisor to his father in law's will (2). Ten years later he gave two shillings and sixpence to the "free and voluntary present" for Charles II on the restoration of the monarchy (10). In the hearth tax of 1663 he was assessed for two hearths (4) (but this had increased to 3 by 1670 (9)). In 1667 he granted lands previously belonging to his deceased brother Francis, to his son Francis as a marriage settlement (3).

He died in September 1673 (5)(6)(7) and was buried in Bakewell (8).

His possessions at the time of his death are listed in his probate inventory (6). A description of his home can be found in a document from 5 years after his death, when his son and widow surrendered it back to the Lord of the Manor.

Brief details of his children:


  1. Parish Register of All Saints, Bakewell includes the entry:
    [1635] [..]ph White Marie Sheldon both of the parish Mar[......]
    Nothing more can be read from the filmed register, but Val Neal's transcript includes a marriage between Raph White & Marie Sheldon on 24th May 1635, which is obviously also the entry which Gardner Bartlett refers to (4)
  2. PCC contemporay copy of the will of Arthur Sheldon of Ashford, dated 10/6/1651 reads:
    In the name of God Amen I Arthur Sheldon of Ashford
    in the county of Derby yeoman being weake in body but in perfect minde and memorye pray
    sed bee Almighty God for itt do heeere amke and ordayne this my last will and Testament
    in manner and forme followinge First I Committ Comend and bequeath my soul into
    the hands of my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by whose Death and passion I truly hope to
    enjoye pte of the blessed Resurrection And to bee made an Inheritor of the Everlasting Joyes
    of Heaven Item I bequeath my body to the earth whereof itt was made to bee
    Buryed in the chappell of Ashford neere William Lowe his seate there And for all my
    worldly Goods to disposed of as Followeth Imprimis I give and bequeath unto Ralph
    Sheldon my sonne the some of Two Shillings and sixpence Item I give and bequeath unto Isaac
    Sheldon my Grandchilde the some of eight poundes Item I give unto Samuell Sheldon
    the sume of Fouer pounds Item my will is that Solomon Sheldon my Grandchilde bee
    kept one yeare and halfe with meate and drinke after my decease att the [...] of my of my Exe
    cutors Item I give and bequeath unto William Wright and Thomas Wright my granchidren
    the some of Tenne shillings betwixt them Item I give unto my Grandchilde John Wright
    Tenne Shillings Item I give unto Anne White the wife of Raph White of Sheldon
    the some of Twenty pounds And for all the rest of my Worldly Goods I give and
    bequeath unto Elizabeth lowe the wife of William Lowe of Ashford whom I make
    the sole Executrix of this my last Will and Testament And Ralph White of Sheldon
    Supervisor And I utterly revoke all former Wills Gifts Legacys and promises what
    soever heertofore made In witness hereof I the said Arthur Sheldon have heerunto
    sett my hand and seale the Tenth day of June in the yeare of our lord God 1651 The
    Marke of Arthur Sheldon Sealed and delivered in the presence of John Wright
    John Ragge
    This will was proved at Westminster the Twentieth day of Maye In the yeare
    1653 Before the Judges for Probate for Wills and grantinge Administracons accordinge
    to an Act of Parliament Entitled an Act for Probate of Wills and grantinge
    Administrations & By the Oath of Elizabeth the wife of William Lowe sole Executrix To
    Whom was Comitted Administracon & Shee beinge by [.oucession] first swore truly to
    administer etc
  3. A conveyance held in Sheffield Archives has the following catalogue entry:
    FILE - Conveyance - ref. CM/276 - date: 26 Dec 1667
    Raph White of Sheldon (co. Derby) to Francis Whyte of Moniash (same co.) son and heir of Raph. Messuages etc. in Monyash and Flagg. Derbyshire for 200, in consideration of a marriage had between Francis and Mary daughter of Thomas Bridg, late of Youlegrave, deceased.
    My transcription of it reads:
    This indenture Made the five & twenith day of December in the Nynteenth yeare of the raigne of our sovraign Lord Charles the second by the grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith or Ano[..] Dm 1667 Betweene Raph White of Sheldon in the County of Derbie yeoman of the one [PART] And Francis Whyte of Monniash in the said County son and heire apparent of the said Raph White of the other [PART] Witnesseth That the said Raph White for & in Consideracon of the some of Two hundred ~~~~~~~ Pounds of [......] English money to him paid by the said Francis White at & before the [ensealing] and [del....] of [these .....] the [....] whereof the said Raph Whyte hereby [ac......... & ..... .. & c... ... ..... th...] doth [.. ..... .......] discharge the said Francis White his heirs [....] & administrators & [...] of him for ever by [cha.. .... ... .... for] & in Consideracon [......] of the [gr... ......] naturall [affeccon] [....] the said Raph White hath [....th] towards the said Francis as also [....] & in Consideracon of a marriage already had & solemnized by & betweene him the said Francis White of the one [PART] and Mary [Birds] daughter of Thomas [Birds] late of Youlgreave in the said County [......] of the other [PART] & for [conveying] & [.......] of a [com....... .......... inencoynant ...... ....] the said Francis & Mary his now wife for [their .......] & for [other .... causes] & valuable considerations [h...] hereunto [...... ...] the said Raph White hath Given granted bargayned sould [asigned c......] & confirmed And [in] & by these [intents] doth fully [ch...... .......] absolutely [....] grant bargayne sell asigne [......] & confirm unto the said Francis White his heirs & assignes for ever All that his messuage & tenam~ [....] the [APPURTENANCE] scituate lying & being [....] the towne feilds libties & [........] of Moniash aforsaid & Flagg or eyther of them & whereof Francis White late of Moniashe aforesaid deceased brother of the said Raph was seized at the tyme of his decease And all houses edifice barnes buildings cottage and houses foulde yards [.......... ..........] Stables [tofts] crofts [ba....... meadows ......] pastures [......] woods under woods comons comon or pasture & [turhair .......] libties profits [com.......] & [hereditaments unto the] said messuage & tenement belonginge in any wise apatttayneing with their & [anie] of their rights [members] and [apatenure] & now or later in the [tenure] or occupacon of the said Francis White [Joseph Goodwin] or of their or some of their assignes or under tenants ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ And the [...con] & [...cons] remaynder & remaynders [.... .......] yearely profits [..... .. ..] all and singuler the [premisses:] And all the effects right [tyths] Intrest propety charges demands whatsoever of him the said Raph White or wich hee hath may might could should or [of right] ought to have of want of or [to] the same or [aynie pate] or [pacell thereof] And [.......] charters [writinngs receipts] & [munim....] touching or [concidering] the [premisses] or [anie pate] or pacell thereof [wech] the said Raph White now hath or can or may come by [with ane .... in ....] To have & to hold the said messuage & tenemt houses edifices barnes buildings cottags lands tenaments and hereditaments [at] all & singular the premisses [with ....] & [.... of] their rights members and [applemits] unto the said Francis White his heirs and assignes for ever To the [onely ...] and [behoofs] of him the said Francis White his heirs and assignes for ever To be held of the [....] land or lands of the [Fer] or [Fers] thereof by the [rents] & [service] therefore first [....] & of right [accu......] And the said Raph White & his heirs the [....] the said messuage & [..... .. ... .....] cottags barnes buildings lands tenements heraditaments [...... with] their [axplemice] unto the said Francis White & his heirs against him the said Raph White & [h...] [hence] & agaynst all [or anie] other pson & psons & [.aym...] by through from or [.....] him them or anie of them or by his or [their act] or [.........] shall & with warrant upphold & for ever defend by theise [.....] And the said Raph White for himself his heirs exec & Administrators doth [covent] promise & grant to & with the said Francis White his heirs & assignes by these prsente that he the said Raph White [for & ...... ....... .... ....] mater or thinge by him don or to bee don to the contrary now is the [sole] & [true] owner & inheritor of the said messuages & tenemt lands [tents] hereditamts & [.....] & [hath] in himself full [power .....] right & lawfull authority to [give grant] bargayne convey & [ass...] the saime unto the said Francis White & his heirs to the use aforesaid And ye the said Francis White his heirs & assignes for ever heerrafter shall or lawfully may [q...tly] and [peaceably] have hold occupye possesse and enjoy the said messuage and tenemt houses edifices barnes buildings lands Tenemts heraditaments [... ........] to their [.........] according to the true Intent & meaneing by these present absolutely [fixed] and [discharged or uppon] reasonable request well & sufficiently [salve] and [kept Barmlesse] and undamnifide by the said Raph White his heirs execs or Administrators or some of them of and from all & all [mam] of former & [other] bargaynes sales leases wills grants [.......... ..writs] mourgages fynes forfeytures [amoiaments] bonds debts uppon [......] debts and duties [to the king] statute marchaent and of the [stools .... ..... in...... ex....... ...... .... ... ....... .....] rents charges rents [..... .....ags ........ mayn....] issues [...... ...... ...on] and of and from [...] other [......] tythes chargs troubles & [Encumberance whatsoever hi.... .... ... ...... knowledge] or executed by the said Raph White and other pson or psons claymenge by through from or [unto] him The theise rents & [......] from henceforth to [.... ... .. eyether of .... .. ... .. ...... Fer or Fers] [th.....] and [s... right] & [witness .. ... .... ....... .. Margarett .. ... ... .......... .......] hath [....... her life onely ex........] for [........] And [..] said Raph White for him his heirs execs & administrators [.... covent promise] & grant [to] & [.... ......] Francis White his heirs & assignes That he the said Raph White & his heirs ~~~ shall [& with at] all & evrie tyme & tymes herafter at the request [..... & charge] of he the said Francis White his heirs & assignes [make seale ....] acknowledge [..... .....] & execute & cause & [.....] to be [... don] acknowledged [suffered] & executed [..] the said Francis White his heirs & assignes all & evrie [...] lawfull & reasonable act & acts thing & things [conveyance & ass........] in the [land ....... with] by the said Francis White his heirs or assignes or any of them [or] by his or their [co...... ..... ... the law for] to further & latter [assureing] of the said messuage & [tente] lands tenements & hereditaments aforesaid [...] their [.......] to him the said Francis White his heirs & assignes [....] or may be reasonably [devised ......... or] [requiredd] so ye the same containe no further or larger warranty then as aforesaid In witness whereof the said Raph White hereunto [~~~~~~~] hath put his hand and seale the day & yeare First above written [.. ..] 1667 The seale & [....] of the said Raph White
    The main points from this document are:
  4. The Sheldons of Bakewell, Derbyshire, England, and Isaac Sheldon of New England by J Gardner Bartlett, in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register contains a genealogy of the Sheldon family and includes this section on Arthur Sheldon:
    14. ARTHUR 8 SHELDON (Roger 7, Richard 6, John 5, John 4, Richard 3, Hugh 2, Richard 1), of Ashford, in Bakewell, co. Derby, born about 1575, died in the summer of 1651, aged about 75 years. He married about 1600, but the name of his wife is unknown.
    The earliest record found of him is in 1591-92, when, as a youth, he is mentioned as heir in remainder to his father Roger Sheldon, in the lawsuit between his grandfather, Richard Sheldon, and the latter's half brother, Henry Sheldon. (Vide supra, No 9) He also suceeded to the little cottage, with 4 acres, in Ashford, called Lowefield, which was in the family as early as 1494.
    In a rental roll of the manor of High Peak Hundred, dated 7 June, 2 Charles I [1626], Arthur Sheldon is recorded as holding in Ashford a cottage and 4 acres called Lowefield, at a rental of 3s 4d. (Rolls of the Manor of High Peak Hundred, Duchy of Lancaster, 1/28.)
    In a subsidy of 4 Charles I [1628] Arthur Sheldon was assessed at Ashford, in High Peak Hundred, co Derby, and paid 8s on goods valued at 3. (Lay Subsidies, 93/362)
    The will of Arthur Sheldon of Ashford, co Derby, yeoman, weak in body, dated 10 June 1651. To be buried in the chapel of Ashford, near William Lowe his seat there. To my son Ralph Sheldon 2s 6d, and to his wife Barbara 2s 6d. To my grandchild Isaak Sheldon 8. To [grandson] Samuell Sheldon 4. My grandson Solomon Sheldon is to be kept one and one-half years with meat and drink after my decease, at the cost of my executor. To my grandsons William, Thomas, and John Wright 5s each. To [daughter] Anne White, wife of Ralph White of Sheldon 20. All the residue of my goods to [daughter] Elizabeth Lowe, wif eof William Lowe of Ashford, and she is to be sole executrix. Supervisor: Ralph White of Sheldon. [Signed] The mark of Arthur Sheldon. Witnesses: John Wright and John Ragge. Proved at Westminster 20 May 1653 by the executrix Elizabeth, the wife of William Lowe. (PCC, Brent, 254)
    i. JANE, b about 1600; m at Bakewell, 9 July 1620, WILLIAM WRIGHT.
        In the hearth tax of 1663 he is enrolled at Ashford in Derbyshire
        and is assessed for one hearth.
            Children (surnamed Wright)
            1. William, b about 1622
            2. Thomas
            3. John
    ii. MARY, b about 1602; d unm; bur at Bakewell 13 Jan 1617/18.
    iii. RALPH, b about 1605.
    iv. ARTHUR, b about 1607; bur at Bakewell 17 Apr 1618.
    v. JOHN, b about 1612; bur at Bakwell 20 Apr 1618.
    vi. ANNE, b about 1612; m at Bakewell, 24 May 1635, RALPH WHITE.
        They resided in Sheldon, where he was assessed for two hearths
        in the hearth tax of 1663.
    vii. ELIZABETH, b about 1615; m WILLIAM LOWE of Ashford, who was
        assessed there for two hearths in the hearth tax of 1663.
  5. Administration of Ralph White (ref: B/C/11/Ralph White, Sheldon, 1673 @ LRO) reads:
    [Top section in latin. Mentions "Francis White of Monyash, yeoman" & "William White of Chapel en le Frith" & the year 1673. Main body below is in English :]
    The condicon of this obligacon is such that it the above bounden Francis White adm -
    inistrator       of all and singular the goods Chattells and creditts of Ralph White his
    Father of Sheldon by consent of Marie relict [..........] Do make or cause to bee
    made a true and perfect Inventorie of all and Singular the goods Chattells and Creditt of
    the said deceased [... ....] or shall [....] to the handes possession of knowledge of him
    the said Francis White       [....nt] the hands or possession of any other
    person or persons for h     And the sonne to [ma..] do exhibit or cause to bee exhibi -
    ted into the [Register] of this [Courte] att or before the First of December [....]
    And the same goods Chattells and Creditts of the said deceased att the time of his
    death [...] att any tyme after [.all] come to the handes or possession of the said
    Francis White       or unto the hands and possession of any other person or
    persons for him to well and truly administer [ap...ing .. ....] And further do make or
    cause to be made a true and [i...accompl] of his said administration att or before the
    the Feast of All Saints [...] next cuming
    And all the rest and residue of the said goods Chattells and Creditts [which shall be] found
    remayninge uppon the said aministrator his [accompl] the same beinge first exami -
    ned and allowed by the Judge for the tyme beinge of this Courte shall deliver and
    paie unto such person and persons rispectively as the said Judge by his [....] or [some]
    time pursuant to the true intent and meaning of this Act shall limitt and appoint
    And if it shall hereafter appear that any last will and Testament was made by
    the said deceased and the Executor or Executors therein named do exhibitt the same
    [....] this Courte makinge request to have itt allowed and approved accordinglie At the
    said Francis White     above bounden beinge [th...] unto required do render and
    deliver the said letters of administration (approbacon of [such] Testament being first
    had and made in the said Courte Then this obligacon to be [....] or ils to stand in
    full form and [p......]
    Sealed and delivered
    in the presence of
    [.........]               Francis White
                             William White
  6. Inventory of Ralph White (ref: B/C/11/Ralph White, Sheldon, 1673 @ LRO) reads:
    A true and perfect Inventory of all the goods Credits Cattels and Chattels
    of Ralph White late of Sheldon in the County of Derby yeoman
    deceassed vallued and Appraised the 20th of September 1673 By
    Roger Dale & Tho Birds [at sequtor]
    - s - d
    Imprimis his purse and Apparell5 - 0 - 0
    It two oxen5 - 0 - 0
    It Four kine7 - 0 - 0
    It one Shirt1 - 0 - 0
    It eight [score] sheep and lanmbs20 - 0 - 0
    It one Swine1 - 0 - 0
    It poultry0 - 1 - 0
    It corne oth ground4 - 0 - 0
    It Hay8 - 0 - 0
    It Stone [Trows]0 - 6 - 8
    It one wayne and other implemts of Husbandry1 - 10 - 0
    It in ye dwellinge house one table & fourm
    one buffet three chayrs & stools
    0 - 10 - 0
    It in the parlour one table & fourm one buffet
    one cubbord
    1 - 6 - 8
    It in the chamber over the parlour two beds
    and one press
    0 - 16 - 0
    It in the little chamber over the house
    one bed one little cubbord & a trunk
    0 - 16 - 0
    It bedinge2 - 0 - 0
    It pewter and brass1 - 6 - 8
    It Iron ware0 - 6 - 8
    It wheeks [hechills] & other woden ware0 - 5 - 0
    It a little Cubbord0 - 2 - 0
    It cushons0 - 1 - 0
    It butter & cheese0 - 6 - 8
                                                    Sum total61 - 18 - 4
    Debts owinge to the decedant
    It John Bruell of Ashford one bill of 2-102 - 10 - 0
    It Mr Ralph Sleigh for a 11 Stone of wool & a half3 - 17 - 10
    Mr William Wardle of Bousley house10 - 0 - 0
    16 - 7 - 10
  7. Probate of Ralph White (in Latin) (ref: B/C/11/Ralph White, Sheldon, 1673 @ LRO) reads:
    Apud Bakewell decimo [....] die Novembris Anno dni 1673
    [...... .... .. ..... ..... .. .. ....] Franciscus White
    de Monyash in Com Derbie yeoman filio [....... .....] Anna [...]
    [... ... .......... .. ....... .. ...] Franciscus White
    Wmus White de Chappell in le Frith [.....]
                        Francis White [.... .... ..]
                                            Thom [Crownell] Dom
  8. Parish Register of All Saints, Bakewell includes the entry:
    [September 1673] 11 Ralph White of Sheldon buryed
  9. Derbyshire Hearth Tax Assessments 1662-1670, published by the Derbyshire record Society, lists Ralph White of Sheldon being assessed for 3 hearths in 1670.
  10. DD/3P/2/2 at Nottinghamshire Archives is the subscription list to the free and voluntary present, for the High Peak Hundred. One entry under Sheldon reads:
    Raphe White of the same [Sheldon] [....] two shillings & six pence
    (His occupation is unreadable due to an ink blot, but may perhaps be readable in the copy of this list which is held at The National Archives?)